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Get to Know Jenny Sway's Irresistible Debut Single, "Shake"

The Tampa-hailing pop/hip-hop artist and singer-songwriter Jenny Sway stops us dead in our tracks with her fiery debut single, "Shake."

A songwriter before anything, Jenny Sway finds inspiration for her songs through life experiences and tumultuous relationships. Influenced by acts like A$AP Rocky, Kehlani, and Doja Cat, Jenny Sway is always drawn to bass-heavy beats, which is what listeners should anticipate from her forthcoming album, 'Stakeout,' on July 4th, 2021.

Recently releasing her groovy and blistering debut single, "Shake," Jenny Sway mentioned that she wanted to begin her artistic career by way of the song she's most proud of. Through her heavy hip-hop atmosphere and slight autotune, Jenny Sway truly embodies the future of female hip-hop/trap, as she holds us in a trance from beginning to end.

Diving into "Shake," the track opens with a pulsating synth arrangement that drops into a heavy mid-tempo drum beat. Accompanied by blistering and groovy sub-bass, Jenny Sway makes her dominant and flavorful vocal appearance with lyrics that pay tribute to acts like Travis Scott and Kanye West.

As she continues expanding on themes of seeking adventures and having a good time with someone special by her side, Jenny Sway leaves us in awe of the song's heavy trap sonics merged with iridescent pop-like synths. Although there's slight autotune on Jenny Sway's vocals, it adds a spicy flavor to the song while amplifying its modernity. We can't help but keep our feet tapping to the song's heavy beat as Jenny Sway leads us towards the outro with incredible energy and attitude.

Find Jenny Sway's debut single, "Shake," on all streaming platforms, and don't miss out on the release of her debut album, 'Stakeout,' this July.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jenny Sway. We're enthralled by the energy and dominance you've delivered within your debut single, "Shake." Why did you choose this song to lead the way of your artistic career?

Thank you so much! That means so much to hear. I remember writing this song on my iPhone notes in the middle of a party with one of my best friends, and he’s like I need to hear this on a track after he heard the first verse I wrote. I went to the studio that same night and wrote it all on the same day and was just honestly inspired by the whole party ambiance of the mood that week. It’s my summer anthem I’d like to say. So, I wanted to lead the way of my career with this single because I feel like it resonates with me the most sonically and lyrically like I’m always never sure where I’m going with someone, and it says it in a somewhat lighthearted way with a bit of attitude. I’m also a Pisces, so forever romanticizing everything. I tend to write about relationships a lot.

What inspired the lyrical content within your recent single, "Shake?” What sort of theme or message did you want to convey?

The message I wanted to convey to someone was for them to just be confident in your pursuit of someone, but just ultimately let thing happen. It has a carefree vibe to it lyrically and a bit of a player tone, which I like to think I’m not, lol but when it comes to my music, I want to give people confidence and attitude when singing my songs to feel like “Yeah, I’m what’s up. You’d be lucky to have me.” Sort of vibe. I also had this idea of shooting the music video in the Dominican Republic, (I’m half Dominican, plus A$AP Rocky shot Wild for the night in the Dominican and I’m just like okay, well if he did it….). It’d be fun to throw a banger in the DR with all the lasers and smoke in a rainforest, “past 10 AM” of course.

Who created the powerhouse sonics and production for "Shake?” Should we expect more heavy bass and beats like this from you in the future?

I love that you said that, I actually work with an awesome engineer out of Tampa, his name is Wyatt South he goes by Filthy Nasty and since our first session it’s been like magic creating tracks with him. We love incorporating that EDM and heavy bass style into the music we produce together with a pop/rap vibe. I love rap music and I feel like my music gives off a fun rap vibe but with pop undertones. But just the other day we were talking about how all of my tracks, especially coming off the album give off a similar vibe so definitely expect to hear consistency of sonics throughout the new music I have coming. Super important to me, by the way, to keep the consistency, music is never going to be perfect but I’m really picky in the beats I use, and I like to think I curated a different type of style I’d like to keep using for sure.

Should we expect to hear "Shake" on your forthcoming album, 'Stakeout,' this July? Or do you plan to venture on a different path with this album?

Yes! Shake will definitely be one of the tracks on Stakeout and I’m still working super hard on finishing up the last few tracks on that album, I have seriously thought about not releasing a full-out album so many times since I announced the album release/listening party, but I’m like okay, okay I can’t go back now. It added more pressure, but that’s like a never-ending thing in music, so I’m not complaining.

What would you like new listeners to know about the music that you create?

I’d like them to know that my music is created with a super personal vibe, I take my songwriting very seriously, and I have a regimen of about 3 songs per day, obviously not all of them do I record and plan on keeping for myself, but I’m very passionate with the lyrics I create. I’m a daydreamer and it comes out in my music. I make music so that someone hears the track and wants to text their crush the next day and be like “Hey, you’re cute, let’s go out sometime.” Life’s short. Shooting for love is fun. Stakeout the album will have a bit of a more edgy theme in mind to tie that all up.

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