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Get to Know Kenny Supreme's Latest EP, 'Heartbreak on Cauldwell'

The Bronx-based triple threat Kenny Supreme introduces us to his versatile stylings through an in-depth 5-track EP entitled 'Heartbreak on Cauldwell.'

Continuously using his life experience as a coping mechanism to transform his negative emotions into inspiration, Kenny Supreme has already amassed an incredibly loyal fanbase that seeks his honest and genuine music time and time again. Having toured the New York area for quite some time now, Kenny Supreme uses his music as a message of love and self-acceptance while also hoping to inspire the LGBTQ+ community.

Recently releasing his conceptual EP, 'Heartbreak on Cauldwell,' listeners can catch Kenny Supreme in quite the oxymoron, as he places his heartbreaking lyricism over upbeat dance music to make for a unique listening experience.

The project opens with the introductory track, "Be The One," a song that we've already had the opportunity to feature. Seeing that this track is the intro to the project, it sets the EP's heartfelt and mysterious tone perfectly while also preparing us for the venture ahead. As Kenny Supreme opens up about needing a second chance to show someone his utter devotion towards them, he leads us towards the passionate hook. We honestly adore the innate charisma and poise that Kenny Supreme offers in this piece; while accompanied by his haunting downtempo sonics, Kenny Supreme closes the song with nothing but heart and desire.

Jumping into the second track, "Déja Vu," Kenny Supreme deepens the project's atmosphere through his punchy and mysterious sonics that soak our speakers in love and lust. As Kenny Supreme continues grooving to the song's plucky and punchy synth arrangements, he sends us straight to the clubs with each vibrant tone and melody. What we adore is how Kenny Supreme merges his genuine lyricism with the song's exhilarating sonics, as he closes the song on a reflective note of wondering whether to let someone go for the better.

Bouncing our way into track number three, "Love," Kenny Supreme spices up the EP through his upbeat electronic arrangements that pierce our speakers with power, lust, and excitement. As Kenny Supreme begins delving into his lyrical theme, he expands on his inner desire and need to hear someone exclaim their love for him, as he promises an exhilarating experience in return. We can't help but feel sonic influences like Lady Gaga shine through within this track, as this piece would fit perfectly on her recent record, 'Chromatica.'

Continuing the same groovy electronic feel with the next track, "Liar," Kenny Supreme opens the track with an exciting vocal sample that drops into a punchy electronic beat. The mid-tempo sonics perfectly complement Kenny Supreme's lyricism surrounding his attempt to see eye to eye with someone. As he tries to keep up with someone's lies, Kenny Supreme leaves us with an intense and heavy sonic groove that we truly can't get enough of.

Reaching the EP's outro track, "Alone," the song opens with another distorted vocal sample accompanied by a plucky keyboard melody and upbeat snaps/claps. As Kenny Supreme makes his energetic vocal appearance, he begins to enlighten listeners on his internal struggles of not wanting to cry or experience inner turmoil any longer. Accompanied by the crisp and upbeat electronic sonics, Kenny Supreme grooves towards the outro with nothing but heightened emotion and strength.

Join Kenny Supreme on his journey to contentment with his latest 5-track EP, 'Heartbreak on Cauldwell,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kenny Supreme, and congratulations on the release of your thorough 5-track EP, 'Heartbreak on Cauldwell.' When did you begin writing songs and ideas for this project? How long was the entire project in the making? Thank you! It feels amazing to have a full project out! I began the writing process during the 2020 pandemic. Being locked up inside made all my emotions enhanced. I knew that this EP was going to be about heartbreaks because I felt a huge feeling of loneliness during our quarantine days. I put all my emotions into lyrics and turned them into songs. The entire project took about a year to complete. Did you work alongside any producers or engineers when crafting the production for 'Heartbreak on Cauldwell'? How did they help bring your visions to life? During the production process, I worked with all my producers remotely. Some songs were done by producers in the states and some internationally. I was able to record my vocals at home and send it over to them via email. I made demos with GarageBand and sent them to the producers to remake. I had no complaints when they would send back the remakes. It’s like they knew what I wanted and how I wanted it to sound. From there, I worked on the tracklist with a friend and it just flowed perfectly! That’s when the title came along shortly after, “Heartbreak On Cauldwell”. Since your lyricism is rather reflective and emotional, why did you choose to fuel the sonics with such an exhilarating and upbeat tone for 'Heartbreak on Cauldwell?' I noticed that whenever I would read back at my lyrics, I would often feel sad and cry. But I wanted to turn this sadness into happiness with the uptempo beats. I wanted to celebrate my heartbreaks through dance music rather than grieve on them. Without the heartbreaks, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. It’s helped me see the world from a different perspective and it’s also helped me have a sort of closure. Now I listen back to my music and feel relieved that I don’t have to feel that sadness anymore. I just dance the pain away! Expanding on your lyricism within the EP, 'Heartbreak on Cauldwell,' did you ever face any personal challenges along the way, seeing that your lyrics are incredibly vulnerable and emotional? The personal challenge was writing the album but also moving on from the heartbreaks. I was writing about the experiences I was living through at the time. I shed some tears during and after the writing process. But it was therapeutic for me because it was like the lyrics were entries of a diary. What do you hope your audience takes away from the overall EP, 'Heartbreak on Cauldwell?' What do you want them to feel after taking a listen? Having your heart broken means that you’re human. You have a big and caring heart. Over the years I’ve learned through my bad experiences and have helped others get through their breakups. No matter the emotion, the feeling, the thought.. someone else has gone through the same. This is what connects us all. I want my audience to see that we all go through heartbreaks. Once we overcome it and move on, we are stronger than ever. Don’t allow it to continue to hurt you by closing out new love. Get out, meet new people and live a beautiful and happy life. What's next for you? I’m actually working on my next album. I know this one will be more positive and about self-love. While I work on more music, the goal is to perform and promote my EP! I’ve been booking performances all around New York. My next step is to take it around the states and even take it internationally.


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