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Get to Know Knew Faith's Honest Emotions in, "Don't Let Me Down"

Carrying the north on his back, singer-songwriter and r&b artist Knew Faith releases his sweet and emotional single entitled "Don't Let Me Down."

The Iranian-Canadian singer-songwriter is best known for his sweet lyrics and vibrant melodies. After playing Varsity Volleyball in college, Knew Faith decided that it was time to hone in on his creative abilities and begin his solo music career. Already amassing a broad and loyal fanbase, we're excited to see what Knew Faith has up his sleeve.

Sweetening our days with his passionate and genuine single, "Don't Let Me Down," Knew Faith grooves his way through a warm and tender r&b atmosphere while asking his lover to come through when he needs them most. We love this song's natural emotion and heart, as it allows any listener to connect with Knew Faith and his relatable lyricism.

Diving into the single, "Don't Let Me Down," the song begins with a hazy and dreamy electric guitar that brings listeners smack-dab in the middle of the entire passionate atmosphere. As Knew Faith makes his way in, he begins to sing of not wanting to be let down while steering away from creating false hope in regards to his tumultuous relationship.

We adore Knew Faith's sweet and vulnerable performance, as it leaves us locked into the song's entire listening experience with help from the highly relatable concept that Knew Faith has provided. While grooving over top of the sweet and relaxed r&b production, the song comes to an end while Knew Faith leaves us with a bounty of passion and desire.

Sink into the passionate atmosphere of Knew Faith's latest single, "Don't Let Me Down," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Knew Faith. We adore the sweetness and delicacy of your latest single, "Don't Let Me Down." What inspired you to write this honest and deeply passionate piece?

My inspiration for this song came from personal experiences shaped through the lens of past relationships. “Don’t Let Me Down” was written with specific stories in mind of young love and heartbreak. That is the up and down journey I was inspired to show through the music.

Who produced the glimmering sonics for "Don't Let Me Down?" What sort of atmosphere or vibe did you want the production to capture?

My dear friend and colleague Einsine produced the beat and created it from scratch. I wanted the production for this song to feel engaging, relaxing, and a little magical. The vibe of the slow guitar along with the melodic samples make for a perfect one-two combo that allowed the writing process to be much simpler. Any time the beat is incredible, it makes the atmosphere surrounding the creators that much better.

What was your solo songwriting process like for "Don't Let Me Down?" Are you used to wearing your heart on your sleeve and being so vulnerable when writing your lyrics?

My writing process has always shown how I wear my heart on my sleeve. I feel that’s just a part of who I am as a musician and I tend to run with it. The further I dig into my past experiences and feelings, the more relatable I’m able to be for my listeners. My goal is to make every song I write tell a story and to be relatable for someone who may be going through the same feelings. The writing process for this song was relatively quick because of the vibe the production had set. As soon as I finished the chorus, the rest came naturally.

What impact did you want to make on your audience with your single "Don't Let Me Down?"

This song was made to capture the emotions of anyone who has gone through similar experiences, acting as a form of musical escape. To let it be known that it’s okay to have feelings like mine and to show my audience that bigger and better stories have yet to be told. This is just the beginning.

How do songs like "Don't Let Me Down" represent your brand and your style of music? Do you normally take this passionate r&b route with your tunes?

“Don’t Let Me Down” has been the perfect follow-up single to my debut EP “Chapter One”. This new story adds more depth and meaning to my growing image and sound as a singer/songwriter. I also feel that the cover art for this project is incredibly high-level as it helps paint the story that this song is telling. Ultimately, I take pride in being able to tell these passionate stories of young love in the times where love may not seem so clear. Being so open to share more of that R&B scene with my hometown as well as the world.

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