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Get to Know Louda y Los Bad Hombres and Their Two New Singles

Blasting their way in from San Francisco, the versatile Nuevo Latinx-r&b group Louda y Los Bad Hombres release two dynamic singles to get us in the groove entitled "Deja Que Baila" and "Abejita."

Fronted by Chicago-native Louda, her multi-cultural influence and unapologetic vocal stylings offer a signature sound to Louda y Los Bad Hombres that's more than irresistible. With their blend of Latin, r&b, jazz, hip-hop, and much more, Louda y Los Bad Hombres never fail to swoon their audience with each versatile and well-crafted piece.

Now releasing two savory singles, "Deja Que Baila" and "Abejita," Louda y Los Bad Hombres mentioned that the first track is a salsa anthem dedicated to those who've spent the past year attempting to learn and work from their computer screens. The next single, "Abejita," offers a sweet and uplifting tune about the beauty of pollination and the work our abejita's do for us.

Taking a listen to the first single, "Deja Que Baila," the song takes off with a bright percussion introduction that drops into a shimmering electric guitar melody while shifting into the first verse. As Louda y Los Bad Hombres make their unison vocal appearance, they bring us into this warm and bright sonic atmosphere through the song's blend of salsa and jazz. As Louda takes the spotlight, she continues to serenade us with her beaming vocal stylings while grooving to Louda y Los Bad Hombres' exciting instrumentation.

Hitting play on "Abejita," this song opens with a smooth surf-rock feel through plucky electric guitars, a warm bassline, and soothing mid-tempo drum arrangements. As Louda's sweet vocals begin to float through our speakers, her harmonies and vocal charisma are enough to send us into a daydream. While Louda y Los Bad Hombres continue their uplifting and toe-tapping instrumental venture, Louda tells the honest and refreshing tale of where we'd be without our young pollinators.

Catch yourself in the groove of Louda y Los Bad Hombres' latest singles, "Deja Que Baila" and "Abejita," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Louda y Los Bad Hombres, and congratulations on the release of your two singles, "Deja Que Baila" and "Abejita." Are you planning on releasing a future EP or album with these songs included?

We would very much like to release a future EP or Album but nothing is set in stone yet.

What inspired the lyrical content within "Deja Que Baila?" Why did you want to release a song that tells the story of our year learning and working on our computer screens?

As a music teacher and City College student, I had to deal a lot with online learning over the past year and it was a struggle for both my students and myself. I wanted to encourage people to get up and use their bodies! Move! Have fun and dance like nobody's watching. Well, I guess no one is watching because we are all locked up and isolated!

Why did your group want to write the uplifting and refreshing single, "Abejita?" What inspired the lyricism regarding our young bees hard at work?

This one also came from the feeling of love in the pandemic. Following the narrative of a bee and a flower, good ole pollination and everlasting love during our temporary time on earth. The song creates clear pictures of love and contentment with lyrics such as, "I will wake you with hugs that will love you like rays of the sun," and "the fifth season lives in your heavens."

Does your group often release such versatile music like your two recent singles? Why did you choose to go for a groovy salsa tone in "Deja Que Baila," and switch it up with a 60s surf-rock feel for "Abejita?"

Yes, we enjoy blending and trying exploring different styles of music. We appreciate and are influenced by so many different cultures and musicians that it is hard to want to perform in only one 'genre of music.' We view different genres as being able to convey different moods and emotions. What better of a groove to pair with a song about being pent up and having the energy to use than a salsa groove?


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