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Get To Know Nikki Lowkey C And Her Debut Single, "Six Minutes"

Hailing from Canada, singer-songwriter and inspirational recording artist Nikki Lowkey C releases her vibrant and exciting debut single, "Six Minutes."

Nikki Lowkey C brings a fresh, new, and creative edge to the music industry. Her empowering and feel-good tunes perfectly reflect her culture, experiences, and background. A versatile recording artist, Nikki Lowkey C's inspirations stem from all sorts of genres and styles; she strives to inspire listeners to dance, celebrate, and enjoy the moment.

Now releasing her earworm debut single, "Six Minutes," listeners can solidly introduce themselves to Nikki Lowkey C's unique and motivational sound. The song is bursting with energy and demonstrates the empowering sensations of flying solo and living life however you want. There are some emotions of a turbulent past relationship, but Nikki Lowkey C puts those feelings aside and continues to relish her confident and independent state of being.

Expanding on the new release, "Six Minutes" kicks off with a groovy and nostalgic electronic beat alongside spacey synths that quickly shift into a rhythmic breakdown with Nikki Lowkey C's melodic vocals. As she begins to sing of living for herself and giving someone six minutes to spare, she drenches us in incredible confidence that keeps our heads held high.

This song is exceptionally authentic, and it's the perfect way to make her big debut in the music industry. Nikki Lowkey C's performance is truly exciting, and she leaves us feeling motivated to conquer the day with her words of empowerment, independence, and positivity. The song's sonics perfectly back her up with a nostalgic pop/r&b groove to keep the vibe alive.

Introduce yourself to the refreshing new stylings of Nikki Lowkey C through her debut single, "Six Minutes," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nikki Lowkey C. Congratulations on releasing your exciting debut single, "Six Minutes." Why did you choose to release this song as your big debut?

Thank you for featuring me I am so excited about the opportunity. Six Minutes is the first song I wrote, completed, and recorded in the studio so I had to start with what I had.

What inspired the empowering theme within "Six Minutes"?Were there any particular moments or experiences that inspired your lyrics?

The melody "six minutes up, six minutes up" came to me while I was in school on lunch break out of the blue. It was just stuck in my head and I wrote the lyrics to the song around that melody. I had experiences of relationships that ended because of cheating and this helped me with the lyrics for the song.

Who created the groovy sonics and production for "Six Minutes"? How would you describe the sound and genre of the song's production?

I worked with a very talented producer Jeff Muller he is the mastermind producer/composer who gave my song Six Minutes its funky groove and helped bring it to life.

What did you want the listener to feel and take away from your debut single, "Six Minutes"?

I just want whoever is listening to Six Minutes to get up and dance, feel the beat, and hear the lyrics and make it their own. It may not be for everybody but who likes it gets it.

What's next for you?

I am currently working on some new music and collaborating with other artists/producers. My next song/s will be more about me, my personality, and how I choose to express myself with words. Keep your ears and minds open.

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