Get To Know “Rebecca Henry,” Through The Eyes Of Sean Della Croce

Nashville-hailing folk-pop singer-songwriter and recording artist Sean Della Croce shares the perplexing and emotional tale of "Rebecca Henry" in her latest single and music video.

The serene folk-pop recording artist never fails to chill listeners with her relatable and emotional lyrics. So much so that critics have praised her tracks in American Songwriter, Ear to the Ground, and countless other publications. She's quite the compelling act who knows how to channel her deepest emotions into creating something anyone can relate with.

Sean Della Croce brings all that and more in her latest single, "Rebecca Henry," a chronicle of budding love that discusses the pleasures and dangers of that experience. It romanticizes the thrill of anticipation and also the pain that comes with loving someone who doesn't feel the same way. Listeners can get a deeper, closer look at Sean Della Croce's palpable emotion in the song's music video.

The music video for "Rebecca Henry" softly opens with Sean Della Croce sitting in front of a green screen awaiting the photographer. As the photographer strolls in with an antique camera, she begins adjusting the features and preparing to capture Sean Della Croce's image. All while that is happening, there's a profound sense of introspection and emotion, especially as Sean Della Croce sings of loving someone who doesn't return the favor.

Sean allows the photographer to snap a few shots while remaining still, reflective, and contemplative, wondering if she can make sense of her situation. Towards the end, the photographer finally turns her way, shows her a smile, and captures Sean Della Croce's infectious vulnerability and heart on her sleeve.

When you need a dose of clarity or simply want an outlet for those pent-up emotions, find your solace in Sean Della Croce's new single and music video, "Rebecca Henry." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sean Della Croce. We're head over heels for the intimate listening experience you've blessed us with in your new single, "Rebecca Henry." What was the driving force of inspiration behind this emotional single?

Thanks so much! The driving force for me was an actual person with whom I was acquainted in college. At my liberal arts school, the ultimate catch was the artsiest, most stylish, avid reader philosopher girl. Of course, I was afraid to talk to her.

What did you want listeners to pick up on and take away after experiencing your vulnerable single, "Rebecca Henry?”

I hope listeners can connect the lyrics to a “Rebecca Henry” in their lives. Whether it’s an actual person or a dream, they are chasing. The song is all about what lies on the other side of a captivating mystery.

What inspired the calming photography scene within your music video for "Rebecca Henry?”

The character of Rebecca Henry in the song is a painter, so we wanted to portray a woman creating visual art of some kind. Brett Price and I brainstormed many ideas before we finally landed on the concept of a large-format photograph being taken over the course of the entire video. It’s a long process to make those images, so it felt fitting, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Why did you choose this particular scene for the music video?

I think the story behind “Rebecca Henry” is very visual and lends itself to this type of treatment. When Laura Partain agreed to lend her photographic talents and acting skills to the project, it was a no-brainer.

What was your favorite part about creating the music video for "Rebecca Henry?”

The process of making the music video was so enjoyable because I had the chance to work with my friends. I have known the co-creators of the video, Brett Price and Connor Carrol, for about a decade now, so I was with people I trust in a fun and intimate environment.

What did you appreciate most?

I’m always grateful when I have the opportunity to share my music with a wider audience. I’ve been heartened by the response to the single by local radio stations around the country who make a point to support independent artists.

What's next for you?

I am excited to embark on a tour of Germany in September of this year. I’ve been working on a collaboration with my good friend Judith Beckedorf, who is an incredible performer and guitar player, so we’re releasing some music and playing a bunch of dates in her home country.