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Get to Know Steven Brackley And His Two Newest Hits

American pop recording artist and up-and-coming singer-songwriter Steven Brackley shares his engaging performance stylings in two new singles, "Pretty Wings (Live 2022 Remastered)" and "Inflicted by Dedication (Remastered)."

The self-taught musician has been writing songs for years, always ensuring that each creation encourages and uplifts the listener. He's firmly rooted in pop but roams alternative sounds to invite listeners to experience his diverse musical creations.

For Steven Brackley, music is a tool to represent art and life as a musician. He brings those themes to life in his two passionate pieces, "Pretty Wings (Live 2022 Remastered)" and "Inflicted by Dedication (Remastered)." Steven Brackley is always one to bring youthful and fresh energy with each release, and these two tracks are no exception.

Expanding on "Pretty Wings (Live 2022 Remastered)," this experience begins with crisp and tight percussion that leaps into Steven Brackley's airy and distant vocals that serenade us with vibrant pop melodies. The upbeat keys paired with the driving electronic drums bless us with incredible energy, and the passion Steven Brackley sings with is undeniable. He wastes no time telling us that our pretty wings will lift us up when times get tough.

Moving onto the second hit, "Inflicted by Dedication (Remastered)," this acoustic guitar-heavy tune kicks off with upbeat guitar melodies and a driving pop beat that's riddled with an infectious groove. Steven Brackley uses this song to express his dedication to the grind and never giving up, even when times get tough. His energetic and charismatic performance stylings effortlessly remind listeners that good things take time, and the journey isn't always sunshine and rainbows.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Steven Brackley. We truly appreciate the relatable and uplifting vibes within your two recent hits, "Pretty Wings (Live 2022 Remastered)" and "Inflicted by Dedication (Remastered)." When did you begin writing and creating these songs?

The process started 3 years ago when I got struck with ideas and inspirations, then developed the lyrics first (sometimes it depends on my creativity, I built all words first, then match them with melodies and chords). After those had been structured, I proceeded to materialize them as songs. Initially, I wanted to produce romantic and loving theme songs, but I ditched the idea after consideration.

What inspired the creation of "Pretty Wings (Live 2022 Remastered)?" What was the central message you wanted to get across?

I was inspired by my former self in the past as well as someone who I loved that possessed many flaws and insecurities, how they tried to cope and struggle with it, and how they finally conquered their negativities and obstacles themselves. The song is a reminder for me and all of us to think positive, get inspired much, and be light around us.

What was the main source of inspiration behind "Inflicted by Dedication (Remastered)?" What was your goal with this particular piece?

Pretty much the same as Pretty Wings, the song itself is very special and has been inspiring me a lot to pursue happiness since I myself haven't been feeling it for a long time. With the catchy and energetic vibe, I really look forward to gaining positive feedback from the audience and critics.

Have you noticed any similarities between "Pretty Wings (Live 2022 Remastered)" and "Inflicted by Dedication (Remastered)?" What common themes do these two songs share?

Yes, I have; those songs were crafted during the lowest point of my life back then, and how those songs shape me and transform me into someone who I live for today. Both songs represent the courage and spirit we need to have to feel alive. I will never forget the meaning and impact of those two songs in my life.

What's next for you?

I look forward to building a substantial music career to reach more listeners as well as keep writing good materials and delivering them to a wide audience.


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