Get Trapped in F.L.A’s Storm of a Tune “EastSide"

F.L.A is a Florida based Hip-Hop artist whose music has been quickly catching the attention of fans all around the nation.

Since releasing “Dykin” in 2012, F.L.A has slowly been taking up Florida and then expanding to other states with his music. Now since having nation airplay, gaining well over 50,000 views on youtube, signing a deal with the management company YDA Management, F.L.A is back at it again with his most recent release “EastSide” and we cannot get over the vibes going on in this one.

“EastSide” is full of excitement and good vibes as soon as the tune begins. A master-crafted instrumental that dynamically evolves from each section beautifully compliments F.L.A’s exciting rap performance that seamlessly flows from verse to verse. Then when spiced up with one-off adlib elements and fun foley like percussive elements, “EastSide” is sure to get you hyped up to get up and take on the whole world.

“EastSide” features a popping piano, an organic 808 drum kit, a grimey low sub-bass, and then F.L.A’s honest vocals that tell us about rising up to the top. From start to end, we were fueled with excitement from “EastSide” and can’t wait to hear where F.L.A will be going with his music next.

Hey there F.L.A thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. Your latest release “EastSide” to us feels like it’s your message on how to rise up to the top, what does the song mean to you?

The EASTSIDE is my neighborhood born and raised so it means everything to me literally learn everything I know from my hood.

We are loving the bounce happening in the tune, what was the inspiration behind coming up with that specific beat? Did it come before or after you wrote the lyrics?

The beat is actually a “GD beat” Young producer from South Florida. The moment I hear the beat I already knew what I wanted to talk about. Nobody made it in the music industry from my neighborhood so the inspiration comes from being the guy to make it and help others get on. 

Since signing with YDA Management, how do you feel your career has grown and evolved? Did you ever think you would be creating the music you are today back in 2012?

The learning process of just being with a management company is dope. You know artist development, doing features with majors you learn the recording process and business side of the industry. Building friendships and networking were opportunities YDA created for me. Back in 2012 I just felt locally known as to now FLORIDA knows me! 

Ever since you released “Dykin”, what has been your inspiration to keep on coming up with new material? Do you have any idols that you look up to?

Since the release of Dykin getting my music known nationwide has been my drive and motivation to keep writing and of course, every artist wants to retire there mom lol. 

What else can we expect for 2020?

2020 is big and we pushing the buttons.. releasing my project Reasonable Clout this fall also expect a visual for EASTSIDE and a couple of new records. 2020 I plan to land a major situation so look out for that.