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Get "Truth Sick," With Dandelyin And Xavi Suede

Meeting in Okinawa, Japan, through their affiliations with military service, Dandelyin and Xavi Suede were positioned in 2021 to join together for musical cooperation with a new style.

The singer-songwriter and producer from New England, Dandelyin holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts and wrote and released her first EP, 'Gold-Plated,' under the Factory Underground Records label in 2018.

On the other hand, Xavi Suede hails from South Florida as an entrepreneur and songwriter/lyricist. Owning the branding company Xavi Xclusives, an Italian clothing line, Suede X Brands, and being an executive partner of a rising modeling agency, Lunar Modeling Agency, Xavi Suede has his entrepreneur hat on tightly.

"Truth Sick" is a collaborative effort that has these two emerging artists glistening in the spotlight. From the instrumentation to the lyrical motifs that resonate deeply with us, a magical aura protrudes from this intimate soundscape. Holding power to grasp onto our attention dynamically, every bit of our focus goes towards "Truth Sick" as soon as it begins to play through the speakers.

Utilizing a witty and melodic sing-rap style, the inimitable timbres of Dandelyin submerge you in a blissful groove that whisks you into the effervescent destination cast through the speakers. We also need to acknowledge the seamless transition between Dandelyin's angelic croons and Xavi Suede's smooth verses. Their dynamic acts as a larger-than-life force that pulls us into this composition that much more. "I will remember you. Will you remember me?" is the age-old question that comes to us as the tempo increases and the percussion patterns go all in.

Continuously bringing us to this point and provoking thought within the deaths of ourselves, it's hard to resist the charm that Dandelyin professes. Propelling the perfect combination of charisma and emotion into "Truth Sick," both Dandelyin and Xavi Suede show us why they keep coming together to create musical excellence.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dandelyin, and Xavi Suede, and congratulations on the release of your latest hit, "Truth Sick." You both allow listeners to feast on such authentic lyrics through this masterpiece. What inspired the vulnerability poured into this track?

Dandelyin: Personally, when I heard this beat, the riff hit me in a very nostalgic place. It was in between a 90s alternative rock song and pop/r&b from the early 2000s. It actually reminded me of specific Billboard hits of those times and brought me back to adolescence. Ironically, what I wrote about in the actual lyrics is how irritated I once was, but now appreciate the creativity of recycling the sounds of a millennial's youth, especially when we have approached the GenZ generation of music production. Their work reflects our millennial music, and we need to support their ability to produce the future of what we, like generations before, have brought to the world.

What was it like working with one another to bring this song to life?

Dandelyin: Working with Xavi has always been such a good experience. He has quite an easy-going and entrepreneurial spirit, and it is contagious. Getting to know him on a friendship level before ever deciding to collaborate on music certainly set the stage for the different flavors of music we chose. We certainly have our own tastes but compromised on songs we knew were fire for our sound. I love working with rappers because they bring a whole different element to a song, like The Fugees. It was such a vibe. Souls and worlds collide. It is a beautiful thing!

Do you find that you both carry the same workflow when working together that you have when working independently?

Dandelyin: I have been writing and producing music since I was about nineteen, and I would say I do not have one specific way of collaborating with people, but I usually find it easiest to either produce or find the music first, feel out the emotion and take flight from there. With two writers involved, like with Xavi, we always sort of asked each other what their ideas and feelings were when listening. However, sometimes an idea would flow out of Xavi, or out of me first, and we would just run with it. We did have the power to veto ideas without offending the other and constructively critique one another while in the studio. We are supposed to be 50/50 on these songs, and we both had to equally love the outcome.

What central message would you like your audience to take away from this record?

Dandelyin: The album's central message is just to filter out what these songs made us feel. As someone who has worked with producers on a five-song EP Gold-Plated at Factory Underground Studio, under an independent label, as well as independently produced and released my own music, I can safely say that collaborating with Xavi on these recent singles was an entirely different and welcoming experience. I really enjoy the creative process of recording music and to do it with another vibrant soul was a pleasure. I was glad to be part of this art.

What's next for you?

Dandelyin: We are still releasing singles over the year, but really the sky's the limit. We hope that people want to listen to what we have created with our humble hearts, lots of love, and generally, really good energy.

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