Get Up And Move To Switch Mob’s Latest Single “Rain”

Switch Mob is a NJ-based Alternative-Soul group. Their influences range from '60s Funk to old school Jazz to '90s Hip-Hop to a tinge of '00s Emo, a blend that is unique and remarkably appealing to wide-ranging audiences. With personnel as diverse as their musical background, the 7-piece collective comes with an explosive sound. Switch Mob is comprised of Fatima Diakite, Sara Schulmann, Chris Herrera, Emily Case, Wyatt Rydlewski, Billy Smolen and Russell Hayden. They recently released their second single "Rain," which reached 20,000 Spotify streams in only five weeks.

“Rain” is an alternative funk/dance track that will get you out of your seat. Upbeat piano, catchy riffs and the addicting backbeats will have you dancing throughout the entire song. This track will have you dancing like the world is gonna end as Switch Mob belts out heartfelt lyricism. I love that you really can’t plug “Rain” into one specific genre. It bends so many sounds together and creates a brilliant chaos. Rock n roll to the core and never taking their foot off the gas pedal, Switch Mob continue their successful climb to the top. Check out their entire musical repertoire on all streaming platforms and keep up with Switch Mob for upcoming releases and shows!

Listen to “Rain” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did your group come together?

Chris and I (Fatima) were a duo looking for a backing band. We then brought in Emily who became a big consistent part, and then Sara became a frequent collaborator that we simply asked to be a full time member. It was originally going to be Chris, Tima, Sara and THE SWITCH MOB, until one promoter said “I’m not putting all that on the flyer”, thus Switch Mob was born. 

We love this upbeat track! Tell us more about “Rain”

Rain is essentially a story of being content in a hopeless situation. It’s about knowing your circumstances, excepting them, and making the best out of them.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

We always try to make music that musicians and non-musicians can appreciate. We want to let everyone know that no matter how many chords you know, or how well you could sing, that music is for everyone. Music has no limits. Music discriminates against no one. 

Did you make any major changes to “Rain” once you were in the recording studio, lyrically or sonically?

We essentially kept the recording similar to our live style. However, we really embraced overdubbing seventh sounds. When we play live we we only have one keyboardist, so we are not able to add and experiment with color.  We felt like this track was the perfect song to embellish on. 

How do you feed your passion for making music everyday?

Constant creativity is the key. You have to write, practice, and produce even when you’re not feeling creative. Creativity and musicianship is truly a muscle, and if you don’t exercise you won’t see your full capabilities. Also, going to shows and constantly listening to new music adds so much inspiration. The saying truly stands that “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Being a creative is being a student.


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