Get Up And Moving With Holy Fuck's Latest Single, "Lost Cool"

Hailing from Toronto and Halifax, the unconventional electronic-rock band Holy Fuck pounds through our speakers with their groovy new release, "Lost Cool (feat. Lucia Tacchetti)."

The artists behind the madness are Brian Borcherdt, Graham Walsh, Matt Schulz, and Matt "Punchy" McQuaid, who are truly plowing their way through the industry as one of the most unique bands we've featured to date. Holy Fuck strives to go against the grain and stay true to themselves, so much so that their music has been featured in Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, Snowpiercer Chemical Hearts, Invincible, Good Girls, and Cheaters.

Putting us in a stimulating trance is Holy Fuck's latest single, "Lost Cool (feat. Lucia Tacchetti)," which wowed us right off the bat. The song also features vocals from Madrid-based electro-pop artist Lucia Tacchetti to help Holy Fuck's signature and exciting sound shine in the spotlight.

Diving into "Lost Cool (feat. Lucia Tacchetti)," the track takes off with tippy tappy drum breaks that later drop into a powerful bass lick that shakes our speakers to their core. As Holy Fuck's dense and hefty sonics begin to settle themselves, Tacchetti makes her mysterious and whispery vocal appearance to up the song's atmosphere while singing of losing her cool in someone's turbulent presence.

The focal point of this powerhouse and funky track has to be the intriguing and alluring bass licks; however, Holy Fuck rounds out the experience about halfway through with their soul-stirring and dazzling synths that lift our spirits above the stratosphere. As they groove their way to the outro, Holy Fuck leaves us with an exhilarating blend of alternative, electronic, and funk to close the song on a stimulating note.

Experience pure and exciting authenticity with Holy Fuck's latest single, "Lost Cool (feat. Lucia Tacchetti)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're genuinely impressed with the authentic and stimulating approach of your latest single, "Lost Cool (feat. Lucia Tacchetti)." How did the creation of this single come about? Did any experience or moment inspire this track?

Matt Schulz: We started working on a few tracks, some built from phone-recorded drums and some made from synth patches/ideas.

Graham Walsh: The initial seed idea that started "Lost Cool" was the synth riff. There wasn't any inspiration as far as trying to sound like a specific genre or period in time, instead just writing a catchy melody line that we could build around. Writing these little bits that become songs can start by messing around with your gear or having melody lines tumble around in your head as you're going about your day. The synth riff was fun to interact with instrumentally because it anchors everything. It's very open to layering and weaving with other abstract sounds and melodies over the top without losing the foundation holding it all together.

Could you break down your band's creative process when formulating the dense and groovy sonics for "Lost Cool (feat. Lucia Tacchetti)?" How did you divide this process between the four of you?

Graham Walsh: Our creative process was very much different this past year than normal. Usually, we'd flesh out songs as a band in the same room. We'll work on ideas together during soundcheck, at a rehearsal room, or in the recording studio. Because we lived in separate cities from each other and weren't able to meet up in the same space this past year, we ended up creating music online and remotely from one another. We'd record our parts independently and share our ideas over email and google drive. In this process, we lost a bit of that live, organic rawness that we feel is important to our music, but in doing this, we were able to approach the writing process in a different headspace that opened us up to new ideas.

Is this your first time working with vocalist Lucia Tacchetti for "Lost Cool (feat. Lucia Tacchetti)?" What do her vocals provide that you felt the song needed?

Matt Schulz: This was our first time working with Lucia. She adds a detached, dark element that we like!

Graham Walsh: We sent her a whole folder of ideas to check out to see if she'd be interested in lending her voice to anything. Her parts came along after the track started taking shape. There was an earlier version with different vocals on it that were completely abstract and drenched in effects. Once Lucia got her voice on it, her voice jumped right out and became more focused. She brought the song a new life! Her whole vibe and delivery sit well in the music.

How do songs like "Lost Cool (feat. Lucia Tacchetti)" represent the vibe and approach your band usually goes for? Do you typically release tracks that get the listener moving and grooving?

Matt Schulz: We hope to get people moving, I think, but we also hope to get people's minds moving as well. In a way, this track is a slightly different view of our approach, perhaps hinted at by "House of Glass" from 2016's CONGRATS LP. It's not entirely physical or cerebral. It's also a bit dark and spacious at times, but "Lost Cool" utilizes more space than much of our music in general, in a mutant disco kind of way.

Graham Walsh: For us, it is important to get people moving, but not necessarily grooving.

What's next for you?

Graham Walsh: We're booking tour dates! We had two tours booked and canceled in 2020, so we're very excited to get back out and perform live.