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Get Used To Seeing Ahmad Muhammad A Lot More This Year

Actor, influencer, and familiar face Ahmad Muhammad are tearing up the entertainment scene, and we should expect to see him a lot more throughout the year. Muhammad has proved that he can shine on any platform, but with over a million loyal followers on TikTok who keep coming back for a laugh, it's evident that his skits have what it takes to attract significant engagement. His most recent gig saw Muhammad star as the lead role in Rod Wave's short film, "Cold December," garnering over 15 million views since dropping late January. Ahmad Muhammad is quickly becoming a staple act in the comedy scene; he played the pastor in Jordon Peele's forthcoming movie "Nope," coming out in July 2022. We'll also see him in Chris Pratt's new show "Terminal List" alongside his co-star Constance Wu this April. The driven influencer is also writing and producing his own show dubbed "What They Don't Know," which will make its way to Amazon Prime later this year. The Von Dutch model also starred in a Popeyes commercial and played a photographer in "King Richard" starring Will Smith, in theaters now. With 15 million views on his feature in Rod Wave's short film "Cold December" and other entertainment gigs, Muhammad is quickly making his way to stardom.

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