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Get Wavy To The New Track “Ocean” by CAL.

CAL. is an artist based in Mount Vernon, New York. Music is in CAL.’s DNA, as he has been writing and producing his own music since the impressive age of 11. Coming from humble beginnings, CAL. is ready to make it big in the music industry. To him, music is more than just an art, it’s a lifestyle. CAL. expresses his emotions, experiences, and desires through the music he creates. He wants his music to relate to the people listening, all while being catchy and trendy.

“Ocean” is my personal favorite song from CAL., which he dropped in 2018. “Ocean” reminds me of a Trey Songz track because of its laid back and seductive nature. CAL. rocks the song out in confidence singing:“Feelings are mutual I know you relate, feelin’ like you knew that we supposed to date”

The lyrics are sensual and bring you back to the feeling of those exciting butterflies on the first date. This is the perfect track to play with your partner, to hype you up for a date, or even to just unwind after a long day. I love the addition of the ocean sounds to the song because it really adds that tropical summer vibe we’ve all been looking for. “Ocean” brings a relaxing and positive energy that makes it the perfect track to add to your playlist this summer! Make sure to keep an eye out for CAL.’s new track “Sunset” which will be dropping on June 10th!

Listen to "Ocean" here and get to know more about CAL. below!

Hey CAL.! Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and background?

Im a multifaceted creative, An artist at heart. One who cares for building music and supporting independent artists alike. Aside from making songs. I'm a playlist curator for ’ohitslitlit’ playlist on spotify which I have artist submit along with my music. I also do social graphics for Mickey Shiloh's new label HRDRV based in LA. 

It is so impressive that you started creating your own music at only 11 years old! What inspired you to start making music?

My brothers, friends and I would always talk and listen to hip-hop. I grew up listening to Tupac, Biggie Nas, Big Pun to name afew. Also one of my good friends Tinica Rose is a singer.  So constantl, ive been around music. Which lead me to start making my own. Shout out to Tinica Rose check her out shes a dope songwriter. 

What was the writing process like for “Ocean”? What were the biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?

Ocean was a song I had in the vault sitting incomplete for a couple of months. All i had was a melody and my verses. I hummed the chorus even laid down a reference track. But I felt it was missing something. I figured if i can find someone dope to redo my chorus and hook it up. Itll be a great song. Thats when i found RobbIe Nova (who has worked with Maino and troy ave) he was the perfect fit. In fact, not only did he do the chorus for me. He also gave me a verse and ending. Now i had a complete song on my hands. Shout out to Robbie Nova he’s dope. 

What is your favorite part about “Ocean”? If you could go back and change anything about it, is there anything that you would do differently?

The 1:50-2:11 mark.. thats my joint!! That section right there is exciting. Play it loud i promise you’ll see what i mean. That has to be my favorite part. Would i change anything? To be honest, I wouldnt change a thing. Ocean sounds complete front to end. Im also really happy of its current streaming success of  72,743 streams on spotify. You can also check out the making of the song on my youtube page. 

Are there any upcoming projects that you want your fans to know about

I’ve recently partnered with HRDRV record label. I do Social Graphics for our artists there. so if any artist need some dope graphics i got you. I also will be releasing my next single Sunset feat. Lakeith Rashad June 10th 2019 with them. Im excited to see where this takes me. HRDRV being the most artist friendly label for independent artists. They offer everything from Distribution, Free graphics for your songs, Cover Art, unlimited Song uploads. Artist support and Promo. Also mixing and mastering services will be provided with a discount to every artist who signs up. You keep all your masters and publishing and 95% of your royalties. Also Free Mentorship from @mickeyshiloh her self. Check us out, if interested heres my discount code lpzchris Use that when you sign up on and you will receive a 7% discount on monthly or yearly membership. Keep ya career Growing!



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