Get Wrapped in a Variety of Sounds With Sodada’s Recent Single “Sound of Your Troubles”

Hailing from Western Massachusetts, Sodada releases their genre-bending single “Sound of Your Troubles”. Made up of Andy Casella, Hannah Rose, Josh Hirst, and Nate Mondschein, all to bring their alt-rock/future soul musical escape to the world. With a wide range of inspirations from jazz, neo-soul, alt-pop, and punk rock, Sodada finds a happy medium that pushes their own personal boundaries. Their latest mid-tempo single “Sound of Your Troubles” mostly surrounds the alternative-rock genre, yet Sodada impressively adds in hints of jazz through complex percussion patterns and groovy piano chords. Initially opening with harmonic piano chords, and moving into dynamic instrumentation with striking guitars and Hannah Rose’s soothing and clean vocals. “Sound of Your Troubles” takes you through the imagery of realizing when someone is wallowing in their own pity and tends to play the victim. Sodada’s instrumentation gives a musical rollercoaster through the soaring chorus and mellow jazzy instrumentals while adding celestial layers through production and fine-tuned bass lines that support the songs overall dreamy ambiance. “Sound of Your Troubles” provides a feeling of freedom and letting go of things that simply don’t serve you anymore, all while giving us a glimpse of the textured creativity and songwriting within Sodada.

Discover "Sound of Your Troubles" here.

Hey Sodada, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re very excited to feature your latest freeing single “Sound of Your Troubles” Could you elabora