Get Wrapped in the Thoughts of "Why You Love Me"

Filipino-Canadian-born singer-songwriter cjvd is the latest R&B-Pop newcomer who provides listeners with soothing vocals deriving from a Hip-hop upbringing. cjvd began his music career with a trap-esque sound solidified in the genre of Trapsoul.

Returning with an innovative take on his latest single, “Why You Love Me,” we get to indulge in an R&B-inspired Pop ballad thriving in an 80s styled resonance.

Representing this vivid escapade with a smooth as butter vocal that you can’t help but fall in love with, cjvd has us immersed in his animated panache from the moment this track begins to play.

The slow tempo of the instrumentation plays upon a weighty bassline that sends a surge of intensity through the tame descants, which give this musical foundation the perfect blend of vibrancy through a more subtle soundscape. As soon as the chorus picks up in its showcase of prevailing and feathery synths, we get to feast on the hues of charisma that come pouring out of cjvd’s passion. “Why You Love Me,” carries forth a contrast that highlights the authenticity that can be shown through the motions of love and lust.

With lyrical motifs such as, ‘So let me be real with you. Show you how I feel with you,’ dipping into the sensual realm of any good R&B record, there’s particular confidence that cjdv conveys, that gets more apparent as the song goes on. With the hot weather in our presence, this track holds its place on your favorite summer playlists.

Congratulations on your latest release, “Why You Love Me.” You exude such playful energy; it’s mesmerizing! Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

Thanks, BuzzMusic for having me! “Why You Love Me” is a song I’ve always wanted to do where I could express myself freely in a fun, playful manner. There wasn’t necessarily a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of this song, however, it was more of a spur of the moment where I wanted to be free of expectations of myself moving forward and wanted to experiment with sounds I had never done before.

In your own words, what does “Why You Love Me,” mean to you? What are you hoping that your listeners take away from it?

“Why You Love Me” expresses the communication most people experience when they first fall in love with someone. The constant chase and playfulness of wanting to learn more about the person you are in love with. I’m hoping that my listeners could take away from this song because you determine your value for yourself without asking for someone’s approval. Ironic from the lyrics said in the song, having to chase that validation of someone to “give a reason why you love me” actually is what most people forget about when it comes to finding that person. Your value comes within you and not how you want others to perceive you.

Was this a fairly easy subject for you to write about? Do you happen to have a different approach to the creative process depending on the context of the song?

Subject-wise, it felt like it was something I had fun doing, which helped make the process easier. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t simply pass it as easy. I contemplated even releasing this song in the first place knowing that this song is completely different than what I usually do. In comparison with other songs I write, the creative process was completely different. I usually have a topic in mind in most songs and a certain direction of where I want the song to go. However, with “Why You Love Me” I happened to just enjoy the process of freestyling melodies and played around with topics that felt fun and somehow created one of my favorite songs to date.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

My mission statement for cjvd is to create a soundtrack for someone’s life, whether for one person or a thousand. To create music to the best of my ability to inspire and apply my own unique creative approach. Music was my own personal outlet to experience new cultures, inspired my drive to learn how to dance and to creatively express myself as well as communicate in ways only music can. If I can bring that same passion and love for music and inspire someone to do the same, I’m doing someone right in my life.