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Get Your Bass Face on With, "All This Time (Lee Mvtthews Remix)"

Hailing from New Zealand, the alternative 4-piece Drax Project highlights the blistering sounds of drum n' bass duo Lee Mvtthews on their latest remix of the platinum-selling hit, "All This Time (Lee Mvtthews Remix)." From busking on the streets to opening for acts like Ed Sheeran, Christina Aguilera, Lorde, Brian McKnight, and Camila Cabello, it's safe to say that Drax Project is here to stay. Emerging as one of New Zealand's most sought-after acts, Drax Project and their collective 350M streams continue to take our independent music scene by storm. Now releasing Lee Mvtthews' flaming remix of their platinum-selling hit, "All This Time (Lee Mvtthews Remix)," Drax Project caught wind of the remix through multiple Lee Mvtthews sets that would enliven the crowd with its robust and powerhouse sonics. "After seeing videos of the Lee Mvtthews boys playing the first bootlegged version to heaving crowds, we had to send them the full stems and let them go crazy," says Drax Project. Hitting play on "All This Time (Lee Mvtthews Remix)," the track kicks off with a snappy snare and a pulsating keyboard melody alongside Drax Project's fluttery and floating guitar riffs. As the lead vocalist begins to serenade us with incredible emotion and passion, Lee Mvtthews picks up the vibe and brings us into the fiery beat drop. As the anticipation begins to expand, the beat drops into this hefty and blazing experience through Lee Mvtthews' powerhouse bass that crunches its way through our speakers with nothing but energy and life. We can't get enough of this fiery remix, as it leaves us with an activated bass face in search of the festivals that make our world go round. Don't miss out on the stimulating and fiery experience of Drax Project's collaboration with Lee Mvtthews in "All This Time (Lee Mvtthews Remix)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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