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Get Your Blood Boiling With Joe P the MC in "Rancho Cordova"

Los Angeles, CA Rapper Joe P the MC is here to showcase his fast-paced, high-energy track: "Rancho Cordova". Joe P the MC doesn't just focus his efforts on music, as he's a dedicated yoga and meditation instructor. Through songwriting, Joe P the MC conclusively can shine a spotlight on his inner thoughts and feelings, creating an elaborate connection with listeners through his methodic rap stylings.

Joe P the MC strives to guide listeners to find their truths, promoting learning and growth through the content of his music. The platform of Joe P the MC is prevalent within the music scene, to say the least! Joe P the MC isn't compromising at all with the intensity in his "Rancho Cordova". The track has a rapid execution right from the start, which doesn't waiver throughout the entirety of the song. Joe P the MC accurately proves his ability to bring a consistent, heightened track that makes you feel absolutely on fire! The energy you're able to feel pour off of Joe P the MC is insane. The rap artist maintains positivity throughout the construction of his music, and "Rancho Cordova" expresses a vivid narrative. Working to empower listeners, Joe P the MC ultimately thrives in "Rancho Cordova" with his introspective and thought-provoking lyric design.

Discover "Rancho Cordova" by Joe P the MC here.

Hey, Joe P the MC! As a Los Angeles rapper, how do you feel you're expressing your LA roots within your ultimate sound?

Los Angeles inspires my personal growth daily through our universal consciousness: meditation, yoga, and authentic artistry inspire me to persevere musically in my writing, content, and vocal delivery.

As a student of eternal energy and universal identity, my art grows as I practice these disciplines in my LA community, where I teach yoga.

Many artists, including J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kota the Friend, and Jay Z inspire me with their sound of abundance and gratitude, the foundation of my music practice

Congratulations on the release of "Rancho Cordova"! When you were in the midst of constructing the track, how did you come up with the lyrical content in the precise way it was laid out?

I wrote “Rancho Cordova” in Rancho Cordova, CA, after a cypher. My focus was strong; I was tapping into my clarity of mind; all thanks to my consistent meditation practices rippling into my work ethic in music. The more dedicated I grew in my practices, the stronger my path fortified in my sound, which I wrote about in my own terms of why I do music and how I feel successful. This song is healthy rap content, emphasizing positive goals in a focused, present, and energetic form.

You've always been an artist involved in wanting to empower listeners and promoting the flourishment of communities. Can you share with our readers how if you intend to use your music as a platform, and if so, how do you feel that you're currently doing so?

Some people call my music “yoga rap” or “positive, conscious hip hop”; basically, I write about chakra alignment, meditative growth, and love for all humans in my songs, and practice yoga and meditation daily between teaching with classes, shows, and songs. My entire platform exists to deepen our community’s health and growth with positive lyrical content.

Let's discuss the main theme present in "Rancho Cordova". How would you describe the overall intent of the song, and what the main takeaway message should've been for listeners?

The main message of “Rancho Cordova” is that big goals are possible if you focus and work hard to channel your talents for good.

My home town has challenges in the face of violence and drug epidemics, and I want kids/fans to have uplifting anthems and mantras that encourage their focus and growth to succeed with their art and lives in our community.


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