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Get Your Daily Dose Of Rock With Smoke & Mirrors’ “Keep Moving”

Daglio, Blake, Andrew, Brandon, and Zakk are the members that make up the explosive collective of Smoke & Mirrors. Their catchy hard rock hooks and bleeding-edge guitar solos manage to unapologetically rip through the speakers and spread a nostalgic essence of early 90s grunge with a taste of their own unique blend. With a familiar yet individual hard rock-inspired sound, Smoke & Mirrors blend their expansive musical knowledge to create a sound and experience like no other. All members hail from different parts of the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and are currently touring in support of their self-titled debut album! 

Smoke & Mirrors have a brand new single entitled “Keep Moving”, a hard-hitting rock anthem. The emotive lyricism, pummeling guitar, tight rhythms, and powerhouse vocals fuse together to form an undeniably infectious hit! This absolute smash will have you headbanging and rocking out wherever you may be. Despite the high energy delivery, “Keep Moving” holds a message with heavy subject matter. Smoke & Mirrors chemistry, confidence, and finely-calibrated sound is impressive. They’re unapologetic about their musical ability and we can’t get enough! The collective of Smoke & Mirrors is delivering nothing but hits and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next!

Listen to “Keep Moving” here and keep scrolling to read more in our exclusive interview!

Hey there Smoke & Mirrors! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re really happy to be featuring your song “Keep Moving”. It’s very catchy, but also incorporates an integral message within. Can you explain to our readers the truth that is embedded within the track?

Keep Moving is a song that kind of unifies the band’s views on the modern world. We are all bound by machines and devices that govern our everyday lives. In certain ways, the more connected we are as a society, the more isolated we have become as humans. Technology has brought wonders to our era and yet something has been lost. The song pushes us to move through all of this, to keep moving as humans together in the face of adversity and change.

We’re always curious to learn more about how bands form! How did Smoke & Mirrors officially come to fruition? Did you know the other band members prior to creating the band? 

You know, pretty much the usual way these things go. Someone knew someone, that knew someone else, and then put an ad on craigslist for the bassist! Basically the Drum player and guitar players knew each other from previous projects and playing around the Cincinnati Scene. Singer was brought in as a replacement and we really did find our bassist on Craigslist! LOL! The band came together quickly as we had our first three songs after the 1st rehearsal. Our singer had only been in Cincinnati a couple of years as he is from El Salvador.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your new song “Keep Moving”?

Our biggest influences are probably Faith no More, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots. “Keep Moving” is very reminiscent of the grunge-era of rock n roll. I believe this song really blends all of them together and you can really hear the impact mainly on the guitars and vocal harmonies. The band is focused on bringing that grunge/alternative/hard rock sound back to the modern day and expanding on that.

What are some of your ultimate goals as a group? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

Right now, we are headed back into the studio to record a new EP and subsequently a new video for 2020 release. Our main goal is to begin touring locally in support of our new material next year.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about your debut album!? 

Thank you for having us at Buzz Music,we really appreciate it! Our Album was released in 2018 and it features 8 gracious melodies that evoke a grunge-era, screaming-guitar driven emotion. Produced by Joe Viers at Sonic Lounge Studios in Columbus OH, we really went in wanting that hard, melodic, rock sound that we grew up with. We incorporate some Latin elements as well as more progressive rock time signatures and blend it all together. The album’s harmonies really carry you through the entire experience and really highlight that alternative rock feel. Make sure to check out our Album on all major digital retailers and streaming services!



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