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Get Your Dose of Inspiration With Jasmine J Walker's Music Video, "Believe"

From Jersey to Brooklyn, the R&B/hip-hop artist Jasmine J Walker drops her empowering single/music video titled "Believe." Daughter of musically talented parents (a gospel singing mother and an educator/piano-playing father), Jasmine J Walker was instilled with the drive to create music from a rather young age.

Creating music that speaks on social topics like women's empowerment, domestic violence, and child abandonment makes it safe to say that anyone can find a glimmer of hope within her recent music video for "Believe."

With scenes of Jasmine auditioning for a Netflix role all to achieve her dreams, she paints a beautiful image of success for anyone who needs a boost nowadays. Not to mention Jasmine J Walker's effortless confidence exuding through her performance and vocals, we honestly can't take our eyes off the lively music video.

As the music video for "Believe" begins, a nostalgic R&B/hip-hop beat makes its way through while meeting Jasmine J Walker's flow, bringing a ray of light to the track. As she begins rapping self-assured and empowering bars of reaching for the stars, she backs up her message with the music video's storyline. Jasmine used this music video to pay homage to those who have believed in her and never doubted her greatness. That being said, the video is all the more intriguing with the help of Jasmine J Walker's inspiring music that naturally gives the listener a power boost. Self-directed and written, Jasmine J Walker's' music video for "Believe" serves infinite inspiration to anyone and everyone.

We love the message within your song and music video "Believe." What inspired you to write such a motivational and empowering song?

I wrote this song at a time when I was battling depression. I couldn't find any source of inspiration at the time. One day out of nowhere I started singing the chorus over and over. As I continued to sing the hook I began to feel better about myself and my life. In a way, I was encouraging myself without even knowing it. It was in those moments that I knew/discovered that I had to share this message with the world.

How did you come up with the concept for the music video? Was it based on true events?

I wanted to create an encouraging video for creatives like myself. Oftentimes we hear "no" so many times and it can make us doubt ourselves and our God-given gifts. I wanted to speak to creatives who like myself to battle depression and suffer from anxiety when it comes to pursuing their dreams and goals. Yes, this video is based on true events from my life and inspired by other creatives. 

Your music video for "Believe" captures a variety of beautifully shot scenes of you getting down around New York. Did you have help with the creation of the music video, and what was that process like?

Yes, I had help from my videographer and friends! It was super fun and quick process. We shot the video in one day. Which happened to be two days before the COVID-19 shutdown in NYC. My dancers learned their movements/choreography in 2hrs! This was my first time directing a music video and it was an interesting process.

We've heard that your music is different from competitors because it uplifts and motivates the listener to better themselves. Why did you choose to take this route with your music?

I choose this route for my music career because I believe that is what I was meant to do: uplift people. If I wasn't a singer/rapper I would still choose a career that involved helping/encouraging people. When people encounter me I want them to feel happy about themselves, optimistic about their dreams, and motivated to live their best lives. The number one way I know how to do that is through music. 

What has been keeping you inspired this year? What can we expect to see next from you?

My spiritual journey with God inspires and uplifts me the most these days. I am inspired by how selfless the people around me and around the world have been during COVID-19. I am also inspired by other artists like Mereba and Beyonce. I am super inspired by Michelle Obama! I just saw her documentary on Netflix which really encouraged me alot! You can expect visuals for a few songs off of my new album, Believe. I'm also working on a new project now. 


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