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Get Your Dose Of Spicy With Jzy Jay’s Single, “Jodeci”

Here's an artist that never fails to impress. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, singer-songwriter and up-and-coming R&B artist Jzy Jay releases his newest single, "Jodeci."

We've had the pleasure of featuring many tracks from the artist, giving us a slice of Ontario's comprehensive music scene and serving up something new and hot with each release. His previous singles like "BBS" and "Rewind" in 2020 put him on the map, but now, he's staying there and reworking his craft to ensure his tunes stand the test of time.

In his newest single, "Jodeci," Jzy Jay serves up some hot and steamy R&B that hits all the right places. It's a refreshing listening experience that highlights Jzy Jay's impressive artistic versatility and his ability to tell vivid stories through lyrics that send chills down the spine.

Diving deeper into "Jodeci," we're met with a sped-up sample of Jodeci's classic hit, "Freek'n You," which later spills into the main production for Jzy Jay to add his own unique flair and style. While allured by someone's presence and itching to get to know them, Jzy Jay dives into perhaps the most passionate, vivid, and straightforward tracks he's ever released.

Seriously, there's no beating around the bush in this song. Jzy Jay lays his emotions and thoughts on the table in the most irresistible way possible. The smooth R&B production drenched in hints of nostalgia makes this track top-tier, and Jzy Jay does an epic job bringing Jodeci's iconic hit back to the modern day.

Looking for the next track to add to your spicy playlist? You've found it. Find Jzy Jay's new single, "Jodeci," on all digital streaming platforms.


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