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Get Your Heart Pumping With ENZI's Latest Hit, "Mad Chemistry"

Recently moving from Colorado to Nashville, the alternative-pop artist and singer-songwriter ENZI returns with her sixth studio release, "Mad Chemistry."

Since the release of her previous single, "Flipside," ENZI has attained multiple sync placements with MTV while receiving incredible support from iHeartRadio. Having performed with acts like The Head and The Heart, Fitz and the Tantrums, Walk the Moon, and more, the Belmont student ENZI is eager to get back on stage as soon as possible.

Expanding on her recent release, "Mad Chemistry," ENZI brings a powerhouse alt-pop tune that shakes our speakers with vigor. Offering sultry ambiance and sensual flairs from all aspects of this sweet single, ENZI gracefully gives us her heated lyricism and equally stimulating instrumentation/production that sends us into sonic desire.

Listening to "Mad Chemistry," the track opens with pulsating synths and a wavy electric guitar that sets the song's sultry and dreamy atmosphere. As ENZI begins pouring her passionate and sensual vocal tones over the sweet production and instrumentals, she starts singing of wanting to get back with someone taken, as their "Mad Chemistry" seems to have taken over.

We can feel a similar groove and attitude to K. Flay, yet vocal tones and delivery to an early Billie Eilish through ENZI's captivating performance. Slowing down the bridge with ethereal harmonies, ENZI wastes no time and jumps into the outro to end the song off with fire while leaving us to bask in the sultry ambiance.

Find ENZI's exhilarating single, "Mad Chemistry," on all digital streaming platforms, and prepare yourself for ENZI's future success as she displays her worth through captivating performances and chilling instrumentals.

We love your powerful and sultry performance within your recent hit, "Mad Chemistry." What did you want your listeners to feel from this single?

Mad Chemistry moves into the pop genre more than any other single I've written. The idea was to create a song with a really strong vibe, something you could just sway to, get feisty with. I think Mad Chemistry does just that.

What inspired your sensual massage and empowering lyricism for "Mad Chemistry?" What does your songwriting process usually look like?

Mad Chemistry is actually based on a bit of a true story. I met this guy and thought we would make a great match. This wasn't based on anything, I just had this idea in my head that we'd be great together. Then, after a while of knowing him, I ended up meeting his girlfriend. I had no idea he had a girlfriend and it honestly bummed me out a bit that this romance in my head couldn't play out. This is when my songwriting process starts. I love to be a little dramatic, and I love writing stories. Since the story in my head couldn't happen in real life, I put pen to paper and made a song about it.

Did you team up with producer duo Josh & Noah Ryan for your single, "Mad Chemistry?" Or did you reach out to other producers/engineers?

​Not for this song! I love making new connections with people and I like working with as many different people as I can. This time around, I co-wrote with Jeff Cohen and produced the song with Bobby Campbell, both amazing, Nashville-based musicians.

Seeing as you've released six singles, is there a common theme throughout your music? Or do you change up your concepts from time to time

Generally, I love to write about, well, love. That, and mental health and mental health awareness are super important to me. Everything I write about is filtered through my own personal lens of mental health. I have anxiety and it's most often triggered in relationships, so I try to incorporate that when I can. The goal is to be as authentic as possible.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I, like many people, made some pretty lofty new year's resolutions, so that I won't make any huge promises, but I can definitely say that I'm working on honing my sound, making new music, and striving to make better art every day. You can definitely count on new music, and potentially some unexpected collaborations.


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