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Getting Heavy Vibes With RandiVision's "Insane"

Straight out of California comes hot and new recording artist: RandiVision. We're incredibly pumped to introduce this artist to the BuzzMusic community, mainly due to the level of talent represented throughout RandiVision's tracks. We gave this artist a listen, and automatically knew we vibed with his curations, and knowing our BuzzMusic readers would too, we knew RandiVision had to be the next featured artist. His music falls predominantly within the rap/hip-hop music genre, and yet, it still contains elements from the alternative R&B scene that definitely don't go unnoticed. His latest track, "Insane", is one of our favorites, and we know, undoubtedly, that it'll be some of yours too. 

Immediately upon "Insane" beginning, you already know it's going to be a hyped-up song. RandiVision curates lyricism and vocalism that fits into the rap/hip-hop genre perfectly. "Insane" is the type of track you need to play on high volume for sure, in order to feel the full extent of the atmosphere the beats manufacture. The degree of autotune used in "Insane" is tasteful, and doesn't take away from RandiVision's vocal delivery. We appreciate tracks that can maintain the right kind of flow, even when obvious fabricated elements make an appearance. RandiVision is definitely a recording artist that's making serious waves with his music, and "Insane" demonstrated the full extent of this artists abilities as a creator. 

Give a listen to "Insane" here, and keep reading for RandiVision's exclusive interview!

Welcome to the BuzzMusic community! Tell us more about you and how you developed as an artist!

I am a native Southern California kid from the VictorVille, CA area. I grew up listening to all kinds of music ranging from Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock and more. I got my musical start from singing in the Church where I was able to develop my vocal and songwriting talent. I started to pursue my musical career in HS 2004 by writing and recording records in my room. By 2010 in my college career my record "Push And Stroke" received local Radio play on Northern California stations. By 2015 I received my first professional opportunity when my song "Blue Dolphinz" was placed in a LIFETIME TV movie titled "Double Daddy" while also releasing another dominant single titled "Purple Cloudz."  Since 2015 I've released a plethora of records including several EP's such as "209." While also maintain full momentum in the placement world with credits from Hulu, NFL, NBA, MLB and more.  

What lyrics in “Insane” would you say is the most impactful for the meaning of the song and why?

It's hard to choose which lyrics resonate with me the most because I feel like I truly expressed the pain of what it means to deal with tricky thoughts. Even from the Hook I set up the story by telling you "Hell yeah I'm Insane." Putting the listener into a comfortable mood allowing the to open up their minds for this brief conversation we're about to have. I wanted the listener and especially those who don't know what it means to have mental health problems a inside look. 

Did you feel that the message you integrated within the song was easily portrayed to listeners?

Yes. I feel like I expressed my message in the most simplest form while still giving room for the beat to slap and listener to bob their head. I feel this is one of my greatest work. What do you think?

How does the music you make now compare to music you made when you first started out?

The music I make now vs the music of the past shows my maturity both vocally and lyrically. My confidence is well balanced and I feel I can compete with the best of them. 

What's in the near future for you as an artist? Releasing any upcoming tracks/any upcoming shows?

Yes, I am scheduled to release my next project titled "909" in the fall time. 909 will continue the story of my life after living in the 209 detailing Highs and Lows at that particular time in my life. I am extremely excited to continue onto the next chapter of my Area Code EP's. From Great Escape to 909 and I am truly blessed and thankful to have this much success coming from where I'm from. The first single dropping releasing off this 909 project will be "Flip" set to release September 9, 2019. 


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