Getting to Know Billy Burnz

Hi Billy and welcome to BuzzMusic. Tell us how music has given you a second chance and what you want to do with your new freedom? 

While I was sitting in a jail cell from January 2006 to October 2008 awaiting trial on federal firearms, conspiracy to traffic firearms and criminal organization charges, I was facing 12-25 years. I used to pray to the highest that he help me get out all my charges, and if he did I would do something different with my life, something positive. Starting a music label and signing artists was that second chance and a way of using my lifestyle and past to help make a positive change in myself & my surroundings etc. So that’s what I did and now I plan to use my freedom & platform to help other youths make better choices and turn their negatives into positives as I did.

You've definitely been through a lot. How did you overcome the challenges of managing artists like Honey C and Blacka Da Don and use this experience to work on yourself?

To be honest managing honey c, blacka da don and all those other artists was challenging and a very tedious job but I loved my team, once I seen their ungratefulness, lack of effort, as well as the lack of loyalty in those artists, I slowly started to realize I needed new talent but loyal talent, and I had lots of candidates but in the end I decided to manage myself and use myself as the poster boy for my own company and it has worked tremendously. As I know I’ll never switch on myself.

What is your inspiration in your album, "What Dreams May Become"? How is this different than your previous releases?

The inspiration behind that album comes from the fact that I could’ve been still locked up, I could’ve lost my trial, so many things could’ve happened but I’ve always dreamed of being a positive role model in life and not just a statistic in my hood and with all that I have been through in life and all I have done, now me making music and making an impact on the music industry in Canada shows me what my dreams have become, those dreams could’ve easily been flushed down the toilet especially when you sit in a cell not sure if you’ll ever see freedom again, but due to the highest and the powers that be, this is what my dreams have become, an inspiration to myself & others, etc.

"Potion No.9 ", has a sick beat, rhythmic lyrics and smooth and enjoyable incorporation of feature Neena Brown. How did you two meet and do you have any future productions in the works?

Potion no. 9 is one of my favs off the album hands down, I met Neena Brown about a year ago and both our lives changed, once I heard her voice and seen the image she had. She was already making the music she just never released anything professionally and she had no team etc. We spent a lot of time making music, getting to know each other then I gave her the name Neena Brown & signed her to Certified Inc. We most definitely have many hits & a few joint albums, the first one is dropping in the 1st quarter of’s gonna be fire, stay tuned.

If you were to be offered a major record deal at this moment, would you accept?

The funny thing is in 2011 I had the chance of signing a major deal but I didn’t accept the deal because I didn’t feel the deal would’ve benefited me plus at that time me and the team were not seeing eye to eye, but fast forward to now I would definitely accept a major deal, Hell yes 

Thanks for chatting with us Billy! What can our readers expect from you in the New Year?

Thank you for having me on your platform, much appreciated and as the new year approaches we have over 100+ unreleased hits, so you can expect more great singles/albums, more performances, and more new 4K visuals. Expect great things!