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Getting to Know CA$PER

Hey, CA$PER and welcome to BuzzMusic! We love when artists like yourself using music to express their individuality. What do you feel makes you stand out from other rappers?

I think the one thing that makes me stand out is that I do my own thing and I don’t follow anyone, I make my own lane. I feel like my music has a unique style and a unique vibe to it.

Which of your originals was the most musically and lyrically challenging and why?

How did you overcome this obstacle?

I would say the most challenging song I ever did was the most personal song I’ve ever done. It's a track called “Think Of Me” it’s about growing up without a dad in life, it was a challenging song because it was a topic that I never shared with anyone until that song, it helped to do the song knowing there are people out there that can relate to growing up without a dad, it was a personal song but it’s songs like that that make a good artist and most people can relate to deeply personal topics like that.

What inspired you to become a rapper?

I got inspired to get into music growing up listening to artists like Three Six Mafia, Eminem, Lil Wayne and a bunch of other artists,I just always loved hearing people get personal in their raps so I started making beats because I was a huge 36 mafia fan and they made their own beats so it turned into me rapping and I got hooked, I’m inspired by all types of music, I love the concept of making music, I respect all types of music.

What is the message you are trying to convey in your music?

The message I’m trying to send in my music is to just be yourself at the end of the day and don’t be afraid to do what you want and be who you want,I just wanna help people get threw the day whether it’s a song I did about partying or being mad, sad or happy, or a personal topic. I wanna be able to rap for a living and inspire people at the same time, I honestly feel I was made to do music.

Thanks for chatting with us, what can we expect from you in the new year CA$PER?

I have an album out now on SoundCloud called “Music Is My Medicine” I got more songs and videos on YouTube plus I’m working on a mixtape at the moment called ”Never2Late” coming soon plus much more.


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