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Getting To Know Caleb Bowser

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Caleb?! Finally we can catch up with you and your music! "Crazy for You" was your latest release, how did the production go for the track?

I'm so glad to be back! Yeah, production on "Crazy for you" was unique. I usually start with the beat and drums, but with this song I started with the synth that plays throughout the entire song. With that one climbing synth, the rest of the song came to be. It was so cool and fun to create a song with one core element, and the rest of the instruments coordinate around it.

There's that clear and straightforward raw element to your music, and inevitably "Crazy for You". Would you say that the raw aspect is integral to your music?

Thank you for saying that! I don't know if it's integral for my music, but I'm glad it shines through. I want the message to be heard and I want the listener to enjoy the song. I think the more raw aspect just fits my voice and that's why it sounds like that. But I'm glad you said that, because that means my music sounds unique, which means a lot.

As a singer/songwriter who produces his own music, how do you find you have an advantage producing your own tracks?

An advantage I have for producing my own music is I can have my vision for the song come out exactly how I want it. "Crazy for You" is very rock and indie influenced, which I feel fits the lyrical content. The song is about being too much for somebody but in a good way. So having the guitar play and have multiple me's singing "I'M TOO CRAZY FOR YOU" ... it just works so well. But having my vision coming out exactly how I want is a great advantage.

Can you try and explain the connection you feel that you have with your music? How do you project this connection through your music, to your listeners?

I don't know if there are words to describe the connection between me and music. It's a strong, fragile, and fun connection. I love making music, so I care a lot about it. It capture's how I'm feeling about a situation, and it last's forever. It will forever be a way to express my feelings, whether the situation is big or small. For my listeners, I have the music a certain tone. Whether it's fun or serious depends on the lyrics, which I write so my listeners can relate.

Can we expect to see any upcoming releases or shows from you throughout the rest of 2019?!

For the rest of 2019, I might release another song that's apart of a bigger project coming next year ... maybe. If the song doesn't come out, now everyone knows there is another project coming really soon, which will include "Crazy for You". But definitely next year there will be new music, it's just a waiting game. 


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