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Getting To Know Dossel

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind you debut solo album "Ouvindo Vozes"?

This album is a result from experiments that I have been making even before I decide to present myself as artist and start this music project . Everything started in the compositions, in the 1st steps of my creative process. It didn't really matter that I was working in an album. I was simply trying to work on sounds and arrangements that I like to listen.

For a long time I was doing that just for fun, not taking it seriously, but deep inside of me I knew that it would come the time to make it for real /  take things seriously. So, after many songs, experimenting with different ways to play them, I could see a connection for the things between them. This album had many different sonorities and song combinations before this final form. And for sure it's because of things that I lived through this period, the musics that I was listening to, and my research about Brazilian culture.

I wanted to figure out the songs as a contemporary production but also as a way of inner self-exploration. 'Ouvindo Vozes' is about  listening  the  internal voices, about being aware of the  sensitive connections to your intuition, the signs of our natural intelligence when dealing with life's situation. It's also about being open to the messages and inspirations coming from nature and the world, everyday. It's about connection. 

We love the song "Matamba"! What was it like working with Gabriel Marinho? Have you collaborated before? 

Gabriel Marinho is an unique and sensible music producer from Rio de Janeiro. He came from Bahia and has an amazing sense of taste and creativity. We have worked before in many situations and projects, some not directly related to music production. He co-produced the first DOSSEL single, AMNST, recording the percussions, Wurlitzer Piano and also did the mixing of that track. In 'Matamba', I had started the song and the lyrics, but could not go further from that point. But I really liked the first part and didn't wanted it to be so short because I knew that could be a great track. So, I showed the song to Gabriel, he really enjoyed the song and sent me amazing lyrics for the second part, in which I did the instrumental part with João Sasmana. That fits perfectly to finish the song, also because he sings as beautiful as the words he wrote. Maria Bonita sings with me the in first part with her strong and enchanting voice. Lucky me, to have these amazing and talented people around to collaborate!I

"Ijexá de Fevereiro" is a very diverse and exciting track! What was the recording experience like? Who are the vocals featured on this track? 

It's one of my favorite tracks in the album. This song has the luxurious percussion from Rodrigo Maré, one of the best percussionists currently in Rio. He has played with Gilberto Gil and the singer Céu.

I had this instrumental acoustic guitar based in ijexá rhythm that I shared with Carolina Turboli, the singer and composer. It's dedicated to Yemonjá, the Goddess of the oceans, from african-based religions. It's a devotion. So, we did this really respectfull with the Orixás protection.  

How do you manage to flawlessly blend Brazilian music from the 60's and 70's with a contemporary sound?

That was one of the goals for this project. But we are still trying our best to achieve it... We needed a lot of sensibility to bring the amazing Brazilian music from the 'golden era'  to nowadays/ our present days. But even this music from 60's and 70's on itself is still contemporary because  it's so sophisticated and rich in details... It's definitely not getting old! What we are doing is to carefully insert some elements and sonorities from music produced at this decade, doing this dialog between organic/analog and eletronic/digital sounds.

What do you hope to achieve as an artist going forward?

Doing this album is also a way to present myself as a music producer and art director in music, so, I hope this can connect me not only to people that listen to the songs and watch the concerts, but also to other artists. Not just musicians, but also people from cinema, photography, design. I believe that all arts are directly connected to the human essence. I hope that this beginning as an artist can fill my soul with energy to make other projects, collaborate to other artists and producers, and grow in this field with these experiences. I think all this could help my art reach more and more people. I hope they can connect to themselves, to nature and to other people through these songs.


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