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Getting To Know E-DASH

Hey E-DASH! Welcome back to BuzzMusic! You're a very multi-talented individual! what would you consider your personal favorite element to music and why? Producing? Writing? or Performing the material?

My Performance because I get feedback from my fans on the yay or nay lol.

How was the experience collaborating with other artists' work? Did you take any major lessons from it that has impacted your artistry today?

It was great! I love collabs I get to you with different styles of the craft. Made me more versatile.

What was the main theme behind your single "Forever"? What inspired you to write this?

Well "FOREVER" is the title of the ep and it's just my way of showing my fans that I'm never going to stop delivering the best quality music as long as live (forever).

Did you come across any major challenges in the creation of "Forever"? How did you overcome this obstacle?

None! Im a professional so it's record (one take) and move on to the next one lol.

What's next for you E-DASH? What can we expect from your future releases!

Better music,my TV show on more platforms and growing more with love.


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