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Getting to Know German Artist Tarun

Hi Tarun and welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us what was it like to be contacted by Geo Slam to collaborate and how this will impact your career as an artist? Hello, BuzzMusic, first I would like to say that it is a great honor for me to be part of your program and that you would like to report about me. When Geo called me, I thought it was a joke that friends would take the liberty of making with me. It was my 52nd birthday and we were just sitting in front of the TV. But very quickly I realized that it could not be a joke. After I understood what it was all about, I was positively shocked at first, then I thought to myself that it was actually time for something like this to happen! Geo then showed me, in our recording session and beyond, what I was actually capable of. I wasn't aware of many things myself. Basically I  didn't even know my own voice volume. Geo led me to my musical and vocal limits and showed me that these only existed in my head and that I limited myself in my abilities. In the meantime, we have recorded some songs which will be released bit by bit. Among them are duets with interesting and highly talented singers from almost all genres of music.

Being a vegan and someone who has influenced the pub industry in Hessen (being the first vegan and smoke-free location), what is your goal or message you wish to convey with your music? The music is the dominant one, but still only part of a bigger project that Geo and I came up with. We use different art forms to bring nutrition, environmental and climate protection even more into the focus of people. The message should be conveyed with fun and through many songs, pictures, photographs, art actions, etc. that appeal to the masses without moralizing or denunciating. It should at least be stimulated to think about the topics. A foundation for the support of animal grazing farms for primarily farm animals is also a goal of the project. "Together we can make a change!"

We know you have a very defined and unique vegan rock poetry style. What inspired this fusion? I was once singer of a Deep Purple Tribute band and later of a David Bowie Tribute band. We wanted to unite these two actually opposing music styles. The result was a song that combines industrial, pop and classic rock into a mixture that is probably unique on the international market at the moment. We put a strong message on it that can appeal to anyone without feeling attacked. The polyphonic part of the choir stimulates to sing along and thus the message "Together we can make a Change" gains special energy and strength. Imagine 10 or 15k people singing this part. I already get goosebumps and a broad smile on my face when I only think about it :)

Who are your greatest influences and how has your music changed over the years? The first part of the question is really very easy for me to answer: The Beatles and David Bowie. I love them! I have sung in many cover bands and tried out almost all styles. I did Blues, Rock, Classic-Rock, Hard-Rock, Soul, Funk, Pop and certainly some other things I don't remember right now. I have always enjoyed playing with my voice and trying out new styles. I will continue to do this in the future, as you will see in the next songs from me :-)

Thanks for chatting with us at BuzzMusic! We're excited to hear more of your works, do you have any albums or tours planned in the coming year?

A lot is planned for next year, but also this year a lot will happen. In December I will release a pop-punk duet with a blind street musician from Cologne. Of course there will also be a video to "Manimals" and the lyric video to the song will be released in the next days. The release of my single with Iness Voca is planned for January and at the end of January, I will be back in the studio for new songs. Of course, you will be able to see me live next year, but I don't want to tell you too much about where and when yet! I would like to thank you very much for your interest in me and the interview and the associated support for my work and my project. You are doing a great job and I am very happy to be a part of it.


Listen to Tarun's music here.


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