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Getting to Know Jay GaineZ

Hey Jay and welcome to BuzzMusic. At what age did you develop an interest in music and what inspired you to become a music artist?

I was 14 years old when I first started rapping my interest in music came from my family, it was someone always playing music in the house, and I was really inspired by writing poetry at first and just evolved into this passion for music.

Originally from the west coast Los Angeles, California, what brought you to Canada and do you ever plan on returning back? Was it a tough decision to leave the roots of where you grew up?

I moved to Canada because I got married to a Canadian girl, and now have kids so I’m taking care of my family, I plan on moving back hopefully soon because I do get homesick there’s no place like California, so yeah it was very hard to leave family, friends but this is life we love life and grow.

What kinds of struggles have you faced along your journey and how did you overcome them? Were there any artists in particular who have had a positive effect on yourself?

In the beginning, I struggled with trying to find a place to record my songs I eventually invested into a Macbook, interface and a quality studio mic. From there I taught myself how to record quality songs from my closet. Not being able to afford studio time the extra money goes to responsibilities. There have been many artist and genres of music that has had positive effects on me, an artist like Nipsey Hussle, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg to Trey Songz Tank and T- pain.

You bring such unique sounds together with R&B and hip-hop genres. Do you plan on blending any other genres into your music at any point?

Thank you, I have blended country and rock but haven’t perfected my sound in those genres but I am always trying new ways to make eccentric but great quality music. Thank you so much for your time. What's next for your journey as a music artist and what can we expect to hear from you next? Any makings of an album happening perhaps? I am really being hopeful to start performing and doing live shows while building a deeper fan base, by next year I will be more known by the content people here. I recently dropped a new music video shot by 3rd vision media “Money Bad“ out on YouTube now and yes, I am working on a project called “Laidback Therapy ll” it should be dropping next year sometime.


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