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Interview: Jerome Obholz Opens Up About His New Single, "All You Want"

We're loving your latest single "All You Want". What was the production process for the song like? How did the song go from the first demo to what it is now?

Hey, buzz music, I’m really excited you’re loving my latest single “All You Want”! The production process for the song was a little unique. I had written an original version on my acoustic guitar at home. I then worked out a rough demo idea on logic and sent it over to my producer as a potential song idea I would love to finish and share. We both agreed that we really loved the chorus.

The whole 808 acoustic vibe was something refreshing and new.  He then finished building out the track with better sounds while I focused on playing live and writing new material. After the track was done we went into his studio and tracked vocals and wrote the last little things to finish it up! After that took about 3 months of both of us to send the text of tweaks, & edits we had for the song! After 3 months we both had something we felt was done! It definitely wasn’t perfect but was a step in the right direction! 

Your music has a very modern but unique sound to it, what inspired you to sound the way that you do? Do you have any idols that you look up to?

So I try to keep my music as simple as I can, so I can really lean into discovering what my sound is as I grow along this journey! I’m very influenced by Jon Bellion, Chelsea Cutler, and Ryan Tedder. The three artists not only are great writers but also produce great songs. 

We heard that you had originally not wanted to release this song, what had changed your mind to put this out there? Were you expecting the song to come to what it is now?

I originally didn’t want to release this song because it was so far in the past. I felt like an idiot bringing this song back, considering I had newer songs I was excited about, but as I sat back and reflected on this song I realized that this song was no longer for me. I realized that as I go out and play live I find this song connecting with people. With that, I decided to share it because it was defiantly related to people. 

It's always great to hear people become inspired by things around them, what does your typical writing process look like? Do you find yourself starting with a melody first and then a lyric?

So my inspiration is based on things that directly affect me or that I’m affected by. My writing process starts with a voice memo vent. Growing up I quickly realized that the best place for me to release and let go was to either write it out, play some music, or talk it out. The majority of my songs start there, I would either have emotion and pick up the guitar and find some music around that emotion. Or go back and listen to a Voice Memos rant of mine to collect my thoughts on it, or I’d go back to my journal and read something I had written down for myself. 

Listen to "All You Want" here.


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