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Getting To Know Lauren Howard

Hey Lauren Howard! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We really appreciated the blend of sounds incorporated in your latest single "Reason". Tell us more about how you came to create this particular song?

“Reason” was created over a two week period, which was produced by Jonathon Perkins and Mathew Mcgaughy. It started as a rough vocal and piano and later was developed into a piece that flows through emotion. The song talks about two people arguing and finding themselves quickly drifting apart while they both refusing to be the source of the problem.  

"Reason" felt packed with passion and emotion. Do you find it easy to pour your raw emotions into your music? Are you comfortable with being this vulnerable with your listeners?

I find it easiest to create music based on experience. All my music comes from the experiences, friends/family and emotions that I feel on a daily basis. I believe that without pouring in my emotions, my music can’t convey to me as a person.

We can imagine your performances would be completely electric, yet intimate. Do you feel that you connect with your listeners when performing?

It’s easy for me to perform and dive into connection with my listeners. I like to keep a lively aura and keep the fun going. 

With your debut single out now, can your listener expect a long project in the near future?

Definitely! I’m currently working on some music to put out soon, very soon.

Would you say that you're content with how you are as an artist today? Is there any other element you want to integrate into your music?!

I’m pretty confident in myself as an artist. Of course, I can always use some improvement because no one is perfect, but I use that as a challenge to further my skills and develop my music. 

It was a treat to present your music here on BuzzMusic! What are your ultimate goals/plans as an artist going forward?

My ultimate goals are to just enjoy what I do. I’m young and have a lot to do with my life. I couldn’t care for the money as long as I get to enjoy myself and bring smiles to my listener's faces.


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