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Getting to know Luciana Garcia and her new single "21st Century Baby"

Hey Luciana Garcia! We're so thrilled to be featuring your new music with our readers! Tell us about your debut single "21st Century Baby"! It makes such a statement, we have to hear what inspired this release. 

Hey! Thank you so much for having me. 21st Century Baby is a song I wrote solely to empower women. I was tired of being in a conversation with a few men and being completely ignored, tired of going out with a man and people asking him questions about me when I am right there, etc. Talking to fellow women in entertainment, I found out I am not the only one! Many conversations with really admirable women inspired the song. Women rock!

It's no surprise to us that you've been making your name known throughout Los Angeles! How old were you when you moved here? What has that experience been like for you? Has it affected your artistry?

Oh, thank you! I moved here at age 19, two and a half years ago. It has been an absolutely fantastic experience! The day I moved here was the day I realized I'd found my place in the world. At least for this era of my life. So many things clicked together. I developed this drive to succeed, learn, etc. The fact that deep down I know I am meant to be here has been of tremendous help in struggles with loneliness, being away from home, harsh critiques, etc. Once you find your true purpose nothing and no one can take that away from you! It has definitely affected my artistry. I have grown so much as a person in Los Angeles. Being alone, with no immediate family around, can be incredibly beneficial for personal growth. This has to lead me to value everything I have, build my self-esteem, view all challenges with more perspective and create very strong friendships. All of these experiences have to lead to my voice being more versatile, my hunger for knowledge insatiable and my songs way more message-driven. 

We also checked out your brand new single "People Gone Insane" and loved it! What can listeners expect from your upcoming EP "You Will Know My Name"? 

I am so glad you loved it! Listeners can expect to be surprised, entertained and understood. This EP is an introduction of who I am as a person and an artist. It has songs that are very versatile in genre and style of singing with the purpose of sharing all the aspects of my being with the audience. From Latin to Ballad Rock to Pop/Rock, everyone can enjoy it!

Your vocals are deep and smokey and completely captivating! Have you had professional training or have you honed your vocal craft over time? 

Wow, thank you! I have had professional training, I actually go to music school. See when I started singing at age 18, I was tone-deaf and rhythm blind. At the same time! I discovered my passion for singing at age 15 but since I was so terrible at it, I tried shutting it off. This leads to depression, insane anxiety, etc. Fun stuff! But upon graduating high school I said to myself "You know, I LOVE singing. I don't care what people say. I will take a gap year and do the musical work to get better at it, then apply to music school in Los Angeles because I have very big dreams." And here we are. I like being very vocal about the fact that I haven't been singing for a long time and have the exact opposite of natural talent so that people see it is possible to do what you love even if you don't have a parent teaching you that craft since age 4. It might take a little more hard work but it is possible! Everything I know I have learned from scratch at my own initiative. This turned out to be a great thing, I developed great work ethic and I can proudly say the singer I am today is only a product of my own hard work. It is very rewarding!

Thank you so much for talking with us Luciana! Do you have any upcoming shows or announcements you'd like to share with our readers?!

Of course, thank you for interviewing me! I do have a Halloween show where my band and I will be all dressed up in our costumes (yay) this Friday, October 25th at 9:30 p.m. at Molly Malone's. The album is coming to your way mid-November! We can follow each other on my socials to stay tuned. Much love to everyone reading!

Listen to Luciana's New Single "21st Century Baby!" Here


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