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Getting To Know Modifyd

Great to have you on here again Modifyd! "Running out of Time" is your latest single release, how do you feel about the overall execution of the track? 

Thanks for taking the time to have me back. I feel great about this one. It was one of those feel-good songs that are relatable to all who are doing something in life. This was one of the tracks that I love because it was laying around. Literally loving to ride to the instrumental It grew on me to where I knew it would be a hit.

There's such an addicting energy to "Running out of Time"! What kind of emotions are you attempting to project to listeners with the track?

The overall emotion runs with the direction of this song. Everyone who has ambitions and goals always feels like they just don't have enough time in the day to complete everything we want. No matter how much time we spend we continue to press along with our passion. 

What would you say is the most important take-away message from "Running out of Time"? Where did your inspiration for the track come into play?

No matter what your day is like always celebrate the wins. The big and small. When you're passionate about something you always feel like you don't have enough time but settle into what you have completed and enjoy the day. This is the vibe that is given towards the end of the song when the track changes directions. What inspired me about this track was when a milestone was reached with my team. We looked back at all the time we put in and what it felt like to realize we are still here and winning.

We can imagine that your performances are incredibly energetic with the sound you have! Have you performed anywhere, and if so, how is the vibe in your crowd?

I have performed in many places over the years and the crowd's from100 people to 1000+ have had very dynamic energy. My music caters to all generations that love hip hop. My most memorable experience would be performing for the WNBA Playoff game. That took a different stage presence to cater to all fans around the stadium.

What would you say is your major goal within your music career?

I want to connect with those who find music as their therapy all the way to the ones who look at music as a fine art. I am a producer of many genres and ultimately I would love to be a soundtrack artist for movies and or tv.


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