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Getting To Know Nathan Ballard

Hey Nathan! It's great you had a moment to catch up with us here at BuzzMusic! What have you been up to musically since we last had you on here?

I recently was able to drum and star for a audemars pigue commercial which was a huge honor to have and I had an incredible time. I also made a new track called Best In Me with a lyric video which was something that I have never previously done before and it was such a fun challenge. I also act and I worked on short with a very sweet Director who wants to have me help compose music for upcoming projects with her so I am really looking forward to getting that started.

We know from previously having you on here that music is a true and ultimate passion for you, and you've known this since you were very young! Can you try and describe the connection you feel with your music, and how you try to communicate that with listeners?

The connection I feel is almost like my soul leaves my body and makes its way to the instruments and lyrics. I really stay connected to each song I write and emotion that I am experiencing. The best songs are the ones that I can relate to, feel, and go wow I know exactly what that person is going through. I want to do that for others as well. I want to let myself free and express it through songs. If I can just help, inspire, or motivate one person I feel I’ve done what I want to do ultimately, is help people. Helping people in any way shape or form is what really makes me feel alive. Music is one avenue that I want to use because it connects to the soul to one another. I think this is why sometimes people favor artist almost as if they are their friend because the artist spoke so much volume in their lyrics that really resonates with human beings and human connection.

"Looking At You" is a very raw and alternative sound. Was it hard writing this song, considering your personal emotional connection to it?

Thank you for the compliment I truly appreciate it. This song actually wasn’t hard for me. It was this inner peace that I felt towards everything because to be honest I was angry and heartbroken at first and it really took a toll on me initially. This song for me was about making peace with that and really embracing any human connection we get to experience whether it's permanent or just for a small window of time. This song for me was being able to move on and grow because if I hadn’t met her and gone through everything I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I am internally grateful towards her for that.

What would you say is the most elemental aspect of your music? 

I really love pop punk and I really love dark 80s bands. I really try to put those two together to create a unique sound. I also try to disregard all the rules and not be afraid to experiment and try new things. I  believe its so much better to try and for lack of a better word suck than to not try at all. Because at least you have something that sucks and that will always triumph over not trying at all and wondering what if. And we all start somewhere and the beauty is we keep getting better and better. So we must keep trying and believe ourselves because for the most part the world is already against us, we need to be kind to our hearts and minds and believe in ourselves. We all deserve it. 

What kinds of things are in the future for you as an artist? Are you performing anywhere?!

To keep going and never quit, so that way I’ll never have to look back and wonder what if. My biggest fear in life is Regret and probably snakes. Since I do everything on my own it's challenging on how to figure out how to make this come alive to a show. But if there is a will there is a way, and there always is a way. That's my next course of action beside creating more songs.


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