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Getting To Know Sean The Star Emperor

February 14, 2020

Welcome, Sean The Star Emperor! For those who have never heard your music – how would you describe your sound?

It is fun incarnate.  Dance with the 80s, with World Beats. And then a dash of disco, house, & hip-hop.

We love your approach to lyrics and sound – where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from pop culture, it comes from my spirituality, and it comes from my NYC attitude.

Who would you say your top 5 influences are?


Duran Duran


The Mighty Sparrow

Grace Jones .... in no particular order.

After someone catches you live or hears your music – what do you hope they feel or take away?

That they are free to have fun at no cost, without shame or judgment.

Tell us who would your dream collaboration or duet be with?

I ”really really really want” to do a collaboration with the Spice Girls!

If we were riding in the car with you – what song or artists would we hear coming from the speaker?

Azealia Banks, Adele, Sting, Spice, Donna Summer, Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, Shakira.

Where can your biggest fans find you online and connect with you?



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