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Getting to Know the Actor and Model Lucas Royalty

Hello Lucas, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, we loving switching gears once and a while and speak to cinematic artists. Can you start by telling us a bit about what a day in an actor's life might look like (given the world's circumstances at hand)?

Well, everything right now is virtual so usually, I’ll get about 3-4 auditions a week theatrically and a few commercial ones. For the theatrical auditions, the scripts at my age are sometimes long. So I spend the first day learning the script then I will usually use an acting coach to fine-tune my audition. Which is called a “Self-tape” So my mom will set up all the lights and camera in our front guest room (which is now converted into my studio) and we will do the scenes. Then we sometimes have to edit them and upload them so we can email them to our agent and manager for feedback. Then they send the tape to casting. I miss the days of actually getting to see the casting director in person. but this seems to be the new normal.

Which experience of yours did you gain the most industry knowledge from? Did you work alongside any veterans that taught you valuable industry insight?

Definitely filming the movie “Last Dream Before Sunrise”. It was my first on-location set and we were filming way up north in Oregon. I had actually been extremely ill the week before we filmed so I had to dig deep to make the trip. This film was unique because the director used only natural light and all my scenes were once it got dark. But that far north in Oregon, it didn’t get dark until around 11 pm so I would shoot my scenes from 11 pm to like 3:00 am. Basically the middle of the night. Then we had to try to get sleep but the sun came up at 5:00 am. So I didn’t sleep much for those 4 days, lol The lead actress Marian Frizelle taught me so much. She was very professional and treated me like a real son. Our chemistry was very good. It was at times difficult because she was extremely upset and sad (my character was her son who passed away) but I needed to just be a regular happy boy and not react to her emotions. It was an experience I will never forget!

Out of all the projects you've worked with, is there one, in particular, that means the most to you?

Probably “last dream before sunrise “ again. It was such an incredible experience. There were some funny mishaps like when I fell in a ditch during one scene and we are all pretty sure the house we were staying in was haunted! But there were just 6 of us in the woods making that movie and it turned out so unbelievable. There is actually a whole back story and we are working on making it into a feature which I am so excited for!

How do you use your brand and platform to spread messages of positivity and anti-bullying? Why are these themes so important to you?

Hmmm well, I’ve never considered myself a brand but that’s actually really cool! When my parents and I decided to start an Instagram account we always wanted it to be about more than just photos and acting stuff. I have so many ideas about how we can make the world better.... simply by just being kind. So once I started getting more followers I decided that the best way to spread kindness was to show it and then back up my words with actions. I’m definitely not perfect. I’m only 10 but I know that every person is entitled to the same amount of love and respect no matter their color, religion, sexual preference, or political views. It’s important to me because when I look at our country it seems like there is so much unnecessary hatred. Just because you don’t agree with a person doesn’t mean you can treat them badly. As a kid, it’s really upsetting to see and I want other kids to know that it’s ok to be scared or sad or confused. I’m just hoping that we can all come together in 2021 and heal as a country!

Are you currently working on any upcoming projects? What should we expect to see from you in the near future?

I have 2 movies that are in the works... well 3 if I count the Last Dream feature, but due to Covid, everything has been postponed. I actually started to film “Silent Witness” in which I am the lead actor, named Jacob. But then when the lockdown happened we stopped. I’m hopeful that we can resume in 2021. I also am in a movie called “The Wishflower” directed by Tom Albanese. The same director from “Last Dream Before Sunrise “ and it’s set to release in early 2021. I have another project that is just about finalized but I can’t talk about it yet.



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