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Getting To Know The Naked Feedback

What's up The Naked Feedback! We're excited to share your music and story with our BuzzMusic platform. tell us how the journey been so far creating music and performing together as a band? any challenges you've had to overcome?

We have played for a couple of years now and hit probably every kind of wall young musicians come into whether it be problems with bookers, negative comments online, playing to 1 or 2 people in a whole venue. Gladly a lot of these problems are behind us and as we learn from our mistakes and misjudgments the band's profile is getting bigger and bigger along with our dedicated fan base which follows us over the country.

What's the main motto to your music that you hope translates to your listeners? Any inspirations or influences of yours?

We don't really have a motto for our music in general as we take inspiration from different genres and backgrounds. If anything it would simply to encourage people to have a good time and enjoy themselves, we have no political motivations or social class labels, we are exactly as you see us. Just 4 well dressed guys who bring excitement and energy to a 30 minute set and hopefully something the crowd have never seen before. Our songs are also quite diverse: we have fast songs where the crowd flops around, we have slower songs with big anthemic choruses, and we have some good old fashion funk/disco songs to get everyone moving. Our early music career was influenced by Arctic monkeys, queens of the Stone Age and The Beatles. We do keep these underlying artists in the back of our minds when writing but since we began our personal music tastes have changed and in turn what we write has also changed for the better.

We loved your single "Silent Disco". Tell us about the production of this single and how you found your inspiration for it.

With Silent Disco we decided to go for a fresh change in terms of bringing the track to life. We worked with a studio in Glasgow called 7 Seven West studios which we have never worked before, so this was a completely new experience. We also brought on the help of someone to co-produce the track with us: Johnny Madden of the band Baby Strange came on board to help us make the track the best it could be. And finally we also brought on a female singer called Amanda McAllister to accompany Dean's vocals during the chorus. This is something that really brought the song to life and added an new flavour to our music which people have never seen before, we were fortunate enough to get Amanda along to our recent headline show to bring her amazing voice to a couple of tracks including Silent Disco. The whole origin of Silent Disco came for a need for a song full of dance vibes without losing The Naked Feedback Rock vibes. We think we have perfectly achieved that and hopefully brought the listener a song that they will be singing/humming long after it finishes.

What was your personal favorite element to "Silent Disco" from an artist's perspective?

We had a lot of fun making this song in the studio and added a lot of spontaneity which you can hear in the final product. During the second verse you'll notice thead-lib sound of "woo-hoo" and "fabricate", almost as an acknowledgement to 70s funk and disco and just trying to incorporate a fun atmosphere into the song itself.

Any exciting upcoming performances or live shows from The Naked Feedback?

After selling out our hometown show at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut we look to take our act further afield in both the U.K. and beyond. We hope to confirm some shows in mainland Europe before the end of this year and even talking about plans to play a tour of Canada at the beginning of 2020 so we have a lot to look forward to.


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