GG-Veli Delivers Striking Metaphors and a Trendy Sound in “Shotta”

GG-Veli recently released his latest single “Shotta” and this song is radio-ready. The lyrics aren't just catchy and fresh, it's also raw and authentic. Many people will be able to relate to the lyrics because it depicts the realities of what many people in urban communities experience. GG-Veli showcases his confident nature with different imagery in these lyrics that detail the flashy riches that many people seek. GG-Veli has a trendy rap style equipped with melodic bars and striking punchlines with a dash of charismatic metaphors. GG-Veli hopes to make it out the Baltimore lifestyle and you can catch a glimpse of his hunger and drive in “Shotta”.

“Shotta” had the perfect mixture of humble and cockiness through the lyrical arrangement. The entire aesthetic of “Shotta” was vibrant and outgoing with great energy that will leave you hyped. It’s the perfect kind of song to vibe out to. When rappers have a reason for their music, they create better products. This was the case for GG-Veli. His single “Shotta” represents the tenacity and humility that he’s characterized with to become a groundbreaking artist.

Listen to “Shotta” by GG-Veli here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic GG-Veli. How is it living in Baltimore? In what ways are you inspired by your environment when creating music.

Well living in Baltimore has its ups and downs. It all depends on what you are doing meaning if you do well then good comes ya way as vice versa. Life is what inspired me to write my music. Growing Up in the struggle in Baltimore can really put a lot of weight on you. So you see alot hear alot and can also involve ya self in alot of things.

“Shotta” had a trendy but unique arrangement. How would you describe the creative process behind this song?

Well, Shotta was created by me and my older brother Dolce Ok. I went looking for a trendy beat & so happened the beat found me and I instantly wrote my verse in 5-10 mins took it to the studio and after hearing it I was shocked myself it was a hit.

Can you detail to us the lyrical meaning behind “Shotta”? How would you describe your songwriting approach and what was the message behind the metaphors?

Shotta talks about all the violent drug fashion organizations and as well as politics, war, compromise teamwork religion & more. If you do ya history of all the thing the song strategies you would understand everything about the song

Who are some of your major musical influences and in what ways do you take from these inspirations to cultivate your own sound GG-Veli?

JayZ, 2Pac, Biggie, Lil Baby, Trey Songz & many more. The reason for this choice is because these guys show me how to be a man as well as perfect my craft it's always quality over quantity. The way they put there work in the studio and off the scenes. I'm a good listener so I take in what they say rather its on social media or any major platforms. Or music because their words speaks value and as I take in I teach others through my music.