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Ghost Tours Question Love and Loss in "Dancing On My Grave"

The Los Angeles-based pop-punk and 'Disney emo' duo Ghost Tours release a punchy and deeply emotional single bound to strike any listener entitled "Dancing On My Grave."

Comprised of Lexi and Josh Collins, Ghost Tours have made their way around LA while constantly turning heads with help from their refreshing and versatile sound. Audio engineer and producer Josh Collins (Saweetie, Hyro The Hero, Kevin Gates, Kehlani) offers his emo and punk edge, while singer-songwriter and unicorn enthusiast Lexi delivers her lively and stimulating Disney pop sound.

Recently releasing their hearty and powerful single, "Dancing On My Grave," Ghost Tours can be heard serenading us with the utmost passion and emotion while Josh Collins backs the song up with his thrilling punk production and true audio mastery. We're more than excited to introduce this song to our readers, as it's not one to forget.

Diving headfirst into the single, "Dancing On My Grave," Ghost Tours open the track with a smooth and muffled beat that slowly begins to sharpen until it drops into a pulsating and high-energy pop-punk sonic atmosphere. As the bright and tight electric guitars begin pulsating through our speakers, Lexi and Josh make their brilliant vocal appearance while exclaiming their confusion towards unhealthy love.

We can't get enough of the songs piercing sonics that strike us like a bolt of lightning, especially as the crisp drum breaks carry the song with the highest energy and charisma. Not to mention the vocal prowess that both Lexi and Josh hold; they truly get us feeling all sorts of emotions as they belt their lively vocals for anyone to savor.

Don't miss out on the exhilarating experience of Ghost Tours' latest single, "Dancing On My Grave," and prepare your ears for the duo's forthcoming debut EP later this fall.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Ghost Tours. We truly feel moved after listening to such an energetic and emotional piece like "Dancing On My Grave." What inspired the song's relatable and passionate lyrical content?

It started with us talking one day about the expression, "dancing on a grave." The idea of being so happy about something is actually so tragic. So we took that idea and compared this to addiction. A type of addiction where you don't care what the consequences are and you just want to do it anyway, even when you are aware of the downward spiral. We both have had personal experience with addiction so it's something we're very passionate about.

Did you split the songwriting process between the both of you for "Dancing On My Grave?" What sort of emotions and feelings did you want your lyrics to evoke in listeners?

For "Dancing On My Grave," we wrote the hook together. Each taking turns throwing out ideas, line by line, till we knew we had a foundation. Then we went back and did the same on the verses. We would sit and listen to it instrumentally, write verses, share them with each other, and then pick and choose what we like best. When we first wrote this it was more of a pop song and very programmed. But then we realized we had to change it up in order for listeners to feel that push-pull we wanted. To feel that angst and that passion. We work on songs kind of like chipping away at an ice block. Always re-writing, re-visiting, and re-recording. There's a really cool quote where Leonard Cohen says he spent almost 5 years writing "Hallelujah," and that he wrote over 80 draft verses, which is just insane. Songs are never finished but abandoned.

Could you expand on your sonic and instrumental creative process for "Dancing On My Grave?" What sort of sound and feel were you aiming to achieve with this track?

We have been on a Hyper-Pop Trap rock wave recently so we wanted to capture more energy in this track while also still being emotional and adding experimental sounds as well. We have really been enjoying the music Dominic Fike has been releasing and wanted to capture that dynamic of music but with more pop-punk energy.

What should we expect from your forthcoming EP this fall? Will the energetic and emotional song "Dancing On My Grave" be featured on the tracklist?

"Dancing On My Grave" will definitely be on our EP. Expect the same pop-punk energy, emotional lyrics, and possibly even an acoustic version of the first song we ever wrote together. Oh! And of course some spooky themes as well, like "vultures" and "funerals."

Could you tell our readers a bit more about your band and what you strive to represent with your music? How does your music allow the listener to get to know you on a more personal level?

We have always found solace in music. It just makes everything better. When you connect with someone and relate to them through music, you feel understood. We want people to know it’s okay to feel whatever feelings you’re feeling. And maybe you don't understand what we're saying but if you can feel how we're saying it, then you can feel what we're feeling. And maybe then you can use these feelings to make sense of what's going on in your own life. Music can be very healing and we hope our listeners can feel that way about our music.


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