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Ghost Train Walks Us Through "Millenial Bop" and Talks New Album On The Way

February 23 | BuzzMusic

Welcome, Ghost Train! Let’s get right into talking about “Millennial Bop”, a track right off of your self-titled EP. As a song that focuses heavily on sly and clever wordplay, was the writing process more lengthy, or do the verses come quickly to synthesize on the band's end?

The writing process for "Millennial Bop" came to us naturally. Ryan Griffis had come up with the song title prior to writing the lyrics. He wanted the song to represent the culture and social environment surrounding the college/millennial lifestyle. Griffis wrote all three of his sections for Eric Moss to build off of when exploding into the verses. I remember recording a demo track on the drums one evening, as Eric and I just listened to the trackback and forth on a loop. Eric was so ecstatic about the beat, that he literally hit record and started freestyle rapping over the drumbeat, Griffis recalls. Eric's rhymes were so great that we had to go back and listen to everything. We wrote it all down and we decided to keep roughly 100% of those lyrics and what you hear on the record is pretty much a straight-up freestyle rap by Eric Moss.

We definitely appreciate the music Ghost Train has to offer—there’s a certain style of sound you’re emphasizing, especially with “Millennial Bop”. Are there specific artists you drew this prominent rock sounding from, or was this a purely organic manifestation of sound? We drew a lot of our musical influences for "Millennial Bop" from the Beastie Boys, Sublime, and RHCP. We really wanted to incorporate rap with reggae and rock n roll. With "Millennial Bop" the listener gets a variety of genres that ultimately reach a large audience and demographic. Compared to other tracks the music world has seen from the band, “Millennial Bop” focuses on an intriguing outlook from the millennial perspective. The band takes this perspective though, and executes it as fun and refreshing as possible! Walk us through the prime vision Ghost Train initially had for this track, and then how it actually spanned itself out? The ultimate goal for "Millennial Bop" was to tell a story about who we are, where we come from, the experiences we share and the vision for where we want to go. We feel like the song is something that most people can relate to on a certain level. When you're a young kid fresh out of high school and you go off to college and meet a bunch of new people, your personality sort of changes and you do things and/or experience things that you may not have done in the past, but you begin living for the moment and those times are what make great friends and better memories. We’ve heard rumors that one of your recent releases “For the Love of Money” is stemming into an album! When can listeners expect to see the debut of the band's album? Are tracks staying consistent with the tones in “For the Love of Money”, or can we expect to receive an eclectic mix of stylings in each track off the album? "For the Love of Money" is just the first single off our upcoming album which is currently in the works! We are firm believers in making a diverse record. Not one song should sound like any others on the album. So what you can expect for our upcoming single, "Jailhouse Woman," is a bluesy, guitar-driven rock n roll song that makes you want to get up off your ass, take off your clothes and dance! It’s always a pleasure to find answers to our musically driven questions about the band! Thanks for taking the time, Ghost Train! When can we anticipate the next single release? "Jailhouse Woman" March 13th, 2020 on all music streaming and downloading services.


Listen to "Millenial Bop" here.

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