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Ghostwriter LA Makes A Comeback From His Hiatus With “Work in Progress”

Ghostwriter LA has had history in the Swedish hip hop scene since 1996. Eventually moving to the United States in 2004, Ghostwriter LA took a 15 year hiatus from music and is now finally entering the music scene once again with his talents. Currently, Ghostwriter LA is in the works of producing several up and coming LA artists. Ghostwriter’s sound and vibe stems heavily from 90’s hip hop and R&B with old school sounds and a touch of contemporary RnBass.

The song titled, “WORK IN PROGRESS”, is Ghostwriter LA’s most recent song where he experiments with genres outside of his comfort zone, this being Deep House and EDM. Obviously, a big change from 90s hip hop/ R&B, Ghostwriter shows that he is multifaceted as a musician and producer. Chill vibes are emitted from this track where Ghostwriter LA brings a new approach to EDM and Deep house where it isn’t focused on a heavy bass drop but more on the sub melodies of the track. Combining vocals and smooth piano melodies all put together nicely to create a perfect stepping stone for Ghostwriter LA to get into a new genre of music. Ghostwriter LA will definitely be making big strides in the music industry, and listeners need to be prepared for what he has to offer.

Check out "Work In Progress" and read more below in our exclusive interview.

A 15 year hiatus is a long time, what made you take it, and why for that long?

I got on a different career track. I worked as a journalist among other things, traveled around a lot and lived in many different places. I wrote two novels and many books for other people as a ghostwriter, telling their stories. But there was something missing in my life. I think I felt that I didn't have the musical talent. But then one day, someone who had listened to my old productions told me that I needed to get back into it. And ever since then, I can't stop.

What made you start to make EDM and Deep house music?

Honestly, I don't really know. I dabble in many genres. I've made pop and rock too. Obviously, my core is RnB. But I think I want to make happier songs. I'm not much of a dancer myself but I do love to watch other people have a good time.

What inspires you to make music?

It's something that's just inside of me. I have a very strong urge to express myself, my innermost emotions. And I think music works as a language. It's amazing how we connect emotionally to sound waves. 

What has been your biggest challenge in creating music?

I'm impatient and sometimes I fall into very deep depressions where I have a hard time getting anything done. But I've realized that making music has an amazing healing power. 

What is the meaning behind the song title “Work in Progress”?

The meaning is that I'm not perfect... I'm a work in progress. But I'm still there for you. I'm doing my best.

What's next for you?

I've been meeting with and started to work on tracks for some very interesting artists. I'm super excited to see where it may lead, especially since I've been dedicating so much time to perfecting my production and songwriting skills. I feel like I have a lot to offer. The future looks bright, finally!


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