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Ghowste Releases "Peaceofme"

Ghowste (pronounced “ghost”) is an alternative hip hop producer that has always had a profound interest in music and the spiritual aspects of musical sounds. Born as Devore Souder in ‘94 in Los Angeles, California, Ghowste has been involved in music for as long as his memory allows him to remember. Starting with learning how to play the drums and then shifting to piano, most of Ghowste’s influence comes from both his parents. His mother influence was her playing gospel music, while his dad’s influence was playing rap/R&B.

Thanks to the ever advancing technology of the internet and computers, Ghowste has used this to his advantage to perfect and hone his craft. Recently, in May of 2019, he released his “Playmind”, which is his debut instrumental tape. Creating an ambient and lo-fi/chillwave sound, Ghowste’s track “Peaceofme” is relaxing and has a great beat to it. The sounds of the e-piano along with the various ambient sounds and breakdown where it gets into a classic lo-fi beat really pulls it all together. An artist’s biggest challenge is finding their own sound, and Ghowste has definitely found his own creative take of lo-fi and chillwave music that is sure to hook listeners worldwide.

Listen to "Peaceofme" here and get to know more about Ghowste below!

Who are your biggest musical influences and why?

It would have to be Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Kanye. Reasons being, Tyler always likes to do whatever sounds cool to him. I love Earl’s sound when it comes to the dark side of music. For some reason I just resonate with dark tones. Kanye will always be cool even if he’s outlandish. His drums definitely inspire me to find my own groove and his sampling game is cold.

What inspires you to make this lo-fi kind of music?

I’ve been recently listening to Stlndrms. Ever since I heard his version of this lo-fi kind of music I just felt I might as well see what I can do. I’ve been introduced to lo-fi before him and while it’s chill sometimes I want a little bit more spice added to the mix. Stlndrms definitely achieved that with his own sound, plus I’m kind of tired of the same trap stuff. Just wanting something different.

What was the inspiration/concept behind you track “peaceofme”?

I’m not even too sure. Once I heard the sample it just seemed like one of those melodies that you could feel what you wanted to feel from it, whether good or bad. It personally just puts me in a safe zone. I also like using wordplays so the title just fit the mood.

Would you ever experiment with other genres?

I would love to try my hand in some sort of metal genre. Maybe like System of a down, but I still want to put my own perspective on it. That and something like Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples. That whole mix of electronic/ dance with hip-hop is dope.

Would you ever put vocals on your tracks/beats?

I’m actually in a group called APEX. Most of the time I give them my beats so you’ll most likely hear it when they release it. I also put out an EP a few years back with nothing but my beats and other people’s vocals. That project is called SAGE. You can find it on my soundcloud or other streaming platforms. I’ll most likely do something like that again.

What's next for you?

Aside from mixing songs for my team I’ll be putting out more tapes before this year is up. Just trying to better myself as a producer and musician. I’ll also be collaborating with a few other producers and see what kind of noise we can make. It’ll only get better from here God willing.


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