Gianna Releases Glamorous Pop Single "Beleave Me (Don't)"

Texan artist Gianna has been focused in the arts since a young age and has consistently blossomed her sound since music has been privy to her. She's always intertwined with the arts and cultivated a genuine appreciation for expression.

Today, Gianna is a singer/songwriter who has recently shared very eloquent and glamorous-feeling music with her listeners. By striving to aid others in finding their identity through music, Gianna hopes to inspire many listeners to understand themselves and their own truths.

Gianna created a very atmospheric vibe with her latest track, "Beleave Me (Don't)." There's an otherworldly sense to the song, as it combines mystical soundscapes with echoing vocal styles from Gianna. "Beleave Me (Don't)" feels very luxurious, making the listening experience extremely stimulating. Gianna knew how to captivate an audience with her vocal trance, and she creates a nonchalantly wavy harmony.

There are many opportunities to pick apart the various expressions embedded into "Beleave Me (Don't)," and Gianna ensured that listeners would maintain charmed throughout the entirety of the track. That's one component to the music of Gianna that we find ourselves appreciating most--her natural charisma that flows and penetrates each song she crafts. We are definitely keeping an eye out for the future music of pop artist Gianna.

"Beleave Me (Don't)" felt very lush and sensual. Was it easy to hone into this vocal persona, or would you say it takes a bit of crafting in order to master the right vocal sound?

Thank you, I definitely want to evoke those sensations in my audience. It actually has taken a bit of work. Honestly, I don't consider myself a gifted singer in any way, but I know I have good ears and the creativity for music. I've had to experiment and work with my voice since I do not sound like some of my favorite artists. And I actually did that with this single, "Beleave Me (Don't)." I had been very frustrated with the songwriting on this beat, but I loved it so much and it touched me that I had to make it work. And I eventually did. 

What kind of personal expressions were you hoping to emulate through "Beleave Me (Don't)"? 

I was writing about my personal experiences a few years ago. I used to be a very fickle person and in the midst of that, I unknowingly strung people's feelings along sometimes (romantically). In this song I basically tell the person I am involved with to leave me and that they are wasting their time with me, despite me wanting them half-heartedly and physically. I do not mean to promote any "toxic" and controlling behaviors, but I wanted to express that unique experience, and looking back, I have matured. 

As an artist who has been very keen to the arts in many different aspects, how would you describe the way creating music feels compared to other properties of the arts you've been passionate about?

I've grown up drawing my whole life and love it. I love creating beautiful experiences and expressions with my hands. But when I made my first song it was mind-blowing! Even though it was a low-quality SoundCloud song at first, it was such a transcending experience. I think I love both drawing and music equally, but music is just a bit more rewarding to me, personally. There are so many elements in music - the lyricism, instrumentalism, mixing, music videos, and visuals, etc. 

What kind of response were you hoping to receive from your listening base with the release of "Beleave Me (Don't)"? Was there a certain emotive property you wanted listeners to receive throughout the track?

As long as it made my audience feel something, I feel like the song has done its job. Personally I feel like this song can fit different situations - chill late night car rides, intimate moments with someone, sad music to get in your feelings to, etc. I think that's the beauty of art and music, it can be whatever you want or need it to be. For me, it's cathartic and I feel empowered (because it's my work). 

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

It's honestly been a tough year for everyone to stay inspired I think! It's been difficult no doubt. I feel like for creatives especially, a lot of us go through rollercoasters of inspiration. High highs and low lows sometimes. But, I'm graduating this December with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and will be moving soon after. I keep telling myself not to give up because I want music to work out after undergrad. I've also been connecting with a lot of creatives during this time, and they inspire me so much. Things are so much more bearable when you have people around you who empathize with your emotions and experiences.