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GIANT CATS! Talks to Us About New Single "Starling" and What Inspired It

Welcome to BuzzMusic GIANT CATS! Can you tell us about the formation of your artistry? How did you develop your genre-bending sound and what was your main influence on this?

I want to infuse Jazz, Punk, and Rock all in one. I guess you can say I am kinda all over the place and it really depends on what is inspiring me at the moment while writing. My main influences are Inner Wave, Triathalon, Jurassic Shark, and The Buttertones.

Knowing you aim to create a relaxed environment with your music, what was the environment you created for yourself when creating “Starling”? How would you describe the vibe you set for this song?

"Starling" is an emotional song and hopefully, people who listen to it get the same feeling. While I was writing it, I wanted to put some spacey vibes musically & lyrically in it. It is a mid-paced melodic song that should hit your heartstrings!

What was your songwriting approach towards “Starling”? What was the main inspiration you gathered for this single and did you find any challenges during the production of it?

This was one of those songs that came really quickly to me! Sometimes it takes me months to write a song, but "Starling" took me a couple of hours to finish it musically, then the lyrics came last. I think my main inspiration were the stars in the sky. They do not last forever but they burn so brightly, just like some relationships and people you meet in your lifetime.

How do you manage to fuse together the different genres you’re skilled in? What would you consider to be the key element of “Starling” that represents these unique styles of your artistry?

It can sometimes be a challenge to slow things down when I am writing a song. On that note, there will be more chill jazzy songs to come! I am not sure how "Unique" my style is yet or even if I have found "my sound", that will be determined by the people who listen to it.

What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020?

Hopefully, I can finish an album by the end of this year, if not the beginning of 2021! Expect lots of live performances in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and where ever the wind takes me in 2020!

Listen to "Starling" here.


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