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Gichigab’s New Summer Anthem "Juicy" Warms Our Hearts

Hailing from New Jersey, hip-hop artist/rapper Gichigab releases his warm summer hit "Juicy". Not having much as a child, Gichigab turned to music as his outlet while wanting to use his voice to allow listeners to relate and dance. Especially with his latest hit "Juicy", Gichigab brings in melodic production almost tying in a variety of bright pop elements overtop the tracks main upbeat hip-hop feel. Gichigab raps with incredible rhythm while spitting bars surrounding someone who's caught his eye and can't seem to let go of.

Kicking off with vibrant production and harmonic ghost vocals, "Juicy" pulls us right in through the track's sonic excellence. As the beat kicks in, we've noticed that Gichigab's vocals remain somewhat filtered, creating distance between himself and the music. He allows the cheerful instrumentals to stand alone with poise, as they effortlessly exude energy and something to dance to. While Gichigab's vocals are more prominent at the hook, he brings in fun-loving and playful lyricism that screams summer love and wanting to spend these warm nights with someone special. The production on "Juicy" takes us on an upbeat ride, as Gichigab perfectly captures those butterflies Gichigab perfectly captures those butterflies we get when being infatuated with someone’s ways.

Check out "Juicy" here.

Hey Gichigab, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re dancing right along to your recent track "Juicy." What sort of vibe or atmosphere did you initially want to set out when beginning to create "Juicy"?

Juicy was inspired by hanging with some friends after a wonderful night of just chillin. It’s a fun, exciting track that was made to dance too. The song juicy is the one single on the album vantage.

Speaking on the instrumentals within "Juicy", we’ve noticed that the beat stands out for the majority of the track. Why did Gichigab want to highlight the production on this track, rather than filling up the song with lyrical verses?

I’m from the east coast and the beat was inspired by a west coast sound. The beat is great and bringing that over to my sound it was made the song perfect. The beat was different, that hit good. Which made it the go. 

Seeing as Gichigab has released his debut album "Vantage" earlier this year, how does your single "Juicy" relate or differ from your debut release?

Juicy was released inspired to show the world what I was capable of outside my genre “speak music” where I speak the truth about what I go through and what Intend to be in the future. Juicy puts it together to make everything feel good, and a fun vibe toward what the album is targeted. 

Gichigab noted that as a child you didn’t have too much, thus leading you to the priceless endeavour of music creation. How does your music reflect these life experiences and your growth?

As a kid, I had nice things that my mother and family worked hard for. But nowhere near what others had or nowhere near living comfortably. At certain, 10 I believe I began to hustle selling things to make money to have nicer things. Which is a hustle, so my music is reflected by the drive of hustle. I identify myself with being a hustler. 

What can we expect from you throughout the rest of 2020? You can expect more good music, more vibes from the boy. Overall just growth from where we are now. Thank you, PSA gichi, f*ck with me.


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