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Gigi Rich Gives Elegance and Flair to New Single "Aura"

February 23 | BuzzMusic

Los Angeles based artist Gigi Rich is here to deliver some irresistible pop sounds. As a singer/songwriter, Gigi Rich uses all of her own vulnerable and personal life experiences in order to gain inspiration for the material she writes. Her style is further shaped by her own musical influences, such as Queen, Lady Gaga, and Fleetwood Mac. Collectively, Gigi Rich manifests her sound with her own authentic ideas and visions, making the overall product even more compelling than before! Gigi Rich gives a certain kind of richness and luxuriance to her sound (the irony), and it makes us fall that much more in love with her artistically. She's always giving a performance with anything she puts her work into, and her latest single "Aura" isn't any different.

Gigi Rich is powerful and dynamic right from the start of her track "Aura". She truly gives off a performance within this track, but ultimately, we found ourselves on a vivid mental journey with her throughout the track. There's the right kind of dramaticism added to "Aura", which Gigi Rich manipulates to serve her vocals in the best way possible. It isn't difficult for Gigi Rich to use her sultry and compelling vocalism to capture the attention of any listener, which most likely stems from the vocal range she displays quite effortlessly. The entirety of "Aura" held that mystic atmosphere, which we found to be intrinsic to the production of the song. Gigi Rich is honestly an explosive artist, and we know her potential is too large for her growth to stop here. We're truly excited to see what she'll release next, and how she'll continue to rise as an artist.

Check out Gigi Rich in "Aura" here.


Hello, Gigi Rich! Welcome back! Congrats on releasing "Aura." What was it like to write and record this particular track, compared to the other songs that we've heard from you?

Hey! Thank you so much! So I was in a totally different headspace when I wrote Aura. I decided to write whatever felt natural to me, and not worry about genre. It’s interesting because the demo of this song sounds completely different than the end result. I actually ended up reworking the verses a few times. The bones were there for sure, but it was originally way more rock-oriented. I’m so happy with the final production. I love synth bass so, so much that I told the producer I’d be happy with the production only if my speakers were broken after listening.

You're always one to bring a certain sense of allurement to your music. Is it intended to create such an environment for your listeners, or does this quality come off naturally from you?

I really don’t try to sound alluring! Ha Ha  I mean, when I’m recording I always think about why I wrote the song and who I wrote it about. So I would say it happens naturally.

Going deeper into "Aura", and what the actuality of the content is, how would you describe the overall statement that the song is attempting to release onto its listeners?

To put it simply, Aura is about a connection that has nothing to do with the physical. It’s all about genuine chemistry and that feeling you’re instantly in tune with when you meet someone special. You just gravitate towards their energy. I took that concept and ran with it. It’s really up for your own interpretation though :) Making the move from your hometown of New Jersey, all the way to Los Angeles, how did it feel switching music scenes? Do you feel that the move to LA propelled you artistically, and subsequently shaped the way you created your music?

I was really involved in the NY scene before I made the move. For me, I just needed change. I think moving definitely made me even more goal-oriented than before, and I was already pretty obsessed. Now the difference is, I’m away from my friends and family and I want to make this time count. It helped me artistically in the sense that I had to learn how to let go and live a little bit, and then I found myself as an artist through that. NY always has my heart though. That’s home for me.

Thank you for chatting with us Gigi, it's always a pleasure. Do you have any news or updates you'd like to share, we can't wait to hear what's next from you.

Thank you so much for having me! I’ll be performing around LA and releasing some more music this year. Hoping to tour a little later in the year! You can stay up to date through my socials! @iamgigirich.


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