“Gimme Love” Has Us Awarding Matt B His Well-Deserved Flowers

Representing the South Side forever, you can't get any more Chicago than the city's very own Matt B. Praised by Rhymefest and other city luminaries, he's made himself a local attraction and constant presence to those tuned in with him.

Touring us through the sounds of Chicago Hip-hop and R&B, Matt B's debut album 'Eden' fits directly into ambitious, dedicated, and wonderfully immersive concepts. Guaranteed to get lost in the sounds of "Gimme Love," the international single features the skill set of one of the most popular artists in Uganda.

The electrifying, award-winning Eddy Kenzo accompanies Matt B in this musical portrayal of empowering cultural references. Immediately drawn toward this display of unity and expression, there's a reason why all eyes are on the "Gimme Love" music video.

Eye-catching in the best way possible will be rather tricky for you to fix your attention anywhere else while the visuals for "Gimme Love" are playing. The artistic talents of both Matt B and Eddy Kenzo amalgamate to form a sincere, attraction-grabbing performance that you won't be able to shake.

From the stunning group of women dressed head to toe in a colorful fashion representative of their ethnic background to the creative and well-thought-out angles that allow the natural skin tones of each cast member to shine. The Black excellence on the screen is refreshing in all the right ways, as the camera captures this perfectly. Making an irrepressibly optimistic record, it's safe to say that Matt B's latest single is poised to expand his influence and audience even further.

The collaboration between yourself and Eddy Kenzo has us feeling immense joy through the entirety of this piece's sonic and visual portion. How did this collaboration come to be? What was it like working with one another to achieve this vision?

Eddy and I met at an event in Los Angeles. We were seated right next to one another and instantly caught a vibe. A few days later, we hit the studio, which was fun. Eddy is a very laid-back guy, and I am, too, so the creative flow was perfect! The song literally wrote itself. It was almost like the record had a mind of its own, and the music just flowed through us. After creating the record, we knew we had to do a music video. With me finding out just recently about my ancestral roots, I knew the music video had to pay homage to the Motherland.

What is the deeper meaning of "Gimme Love?" What do you hope that your audience can take away from it?

"Gimme Love" is a love song with an upbeat feel. The magic is really in the melodies. They feel almost angelic as you go through a visual and audible journey. What better topic to sing about than the universal language of love. I hope that when my fans consume this work of art, they can see the growth in my artistry. That I have more dimension than just R&B records and club bangers. I'm tapping in with my ancestors and allowing them to sing their songs through me. My music has transcended into something special and something even greater than me.

The visuals showcased in the music video are stunning! What was the experience like on set? Who helped you to achieve this vision?

The music video was like organized chaos. We shot the video in Topanga, CA, at the top of a mountain. The lead model, Nyakim, had a flight to catch that same morning, so she was under a tight time crunch. She only had about an hour to shoot. As if that wasn't bad enough, her Uber dropped her off on the wrong side of the mountain a few miles from the shoot location. Then the dancers were left at the bottom of the hill and didn't know what was happening because the phone signals there were horrible. So I had to go pick them up in a tiny car on set. Halfway up the mountain, the car's transmission couldn't take so many people in it, so I had to leave a few of the dancers on the side of the road and come back for them. Then, my stylist forgot half of the wardrobe at her studio, and my manager, Angela, was holding it down to make sure things got done. It was a crazy day, but the video turned out amazing! I'm grateful to my team and the other great minds involved in achieving this visual masterpiece. It truly is a work of art.

What has been the best advice you've been given this year that you have applied to your craft?

The best piece of advice this year would be not to overthink music. Music is simple, so keep it simple. Eddy told me that, and as I watched him work in the studio, that stuck with me. My translation is that you should be having fun and relaxing when creating. Don't overthink something so simple. Music is the heartbeat of our lives. We can't alter or control it. We can only express what already exists in us.

What's next for you?

The world is mine. I have no limitations in this life other than the ones I set before me. I hope that everyone watches closely as I continue to rise in this music industry. More music is on the way!