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Gingerr Rust Steeps Some Sweet "Shroom Tea," in a New Single

Winning over the hearts of fans across her hometown of Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter and genre-defying recording artist Gingerr Rust highlights the lead single, "Shroom Tea," off her debut 5-track EP, 'Mr. Bleu.'

Always defying the norms of genre conformation, Gingerr Rust is best known for blurring the lines of r&b, jazz, and soul, to create an irresistible experience of unique sonics and catchy melodies. Keeping listeners on their toes with her fuzzy and unconventional sound, it must be noted that there's much more to come out of Gingerr Rust's evolving music career and undeniable talent.

Now highlighting the savory and sweet single, "Shroom Tea," off her debut 5-track EP, 'Mr. Bleu," Gingerr Rust can be heard moving and grooving overtop of a highly unique sonic landscape. While her angelic vocals serenade us with incredible talent and power, Gingerr Rust expands on rather descriptive and picturesque scenes that evoke nothing but passion and soul.

Taking a deeper listen to "Shroom Tea," the song opens with a punchy r&b drum arrangement and plucky synth melodies that rain down from above. As Gingerr Rust's warm and angelic vocals appear, she begins to depict incredibly passionate and savory scenes of indulging in some psilocybin and being up all night in need of someone's touch.

We're incredibly impressed with this unconventional and unique approach to contemporary r&b that Gingerr Rust has taken in this piece, as it offers many soulful aspects of jazz that sweeten the atmosphere. As Gingerr Rust scats her way to the outro, the song ends on a bright and beaming note.

Indulge in your dose of "Shroom Tea" with help from Gingerr Rust's latest single, and find the rest of her debut EP, 'Mr. Bleu,' on all digital streaming platforms.

What a soothing and groovy single you've released with "Shroom Tea." Did you feel inspired to write this piece after ingesting some shroom tea and feeling the love and pleasure that came with your experience?

Thank you! Honestly, no shrooms were consumed when I was creating the song. The idea came about after I came across this Twitter thread. In the thread, she describes taking shrooms and her intimate experiences with her partner. She claims it was "the most beautiful and freak nasty" experience she has ever had. I thought, wow that sounds top tier. I wonder what that feels like. The thread was lingering in my mind. Once I heard the beat, the words just melted together. Essentially, when I started writing, I simply was imagining what my experience would be like. To me, the instrumental itself feels so warm, safe, and inviting. I felt the combination of the lyrics and beat was able to articulate the softness and lovey feelings that come with experimenting with someone you love and trust.

Did you produce the unique sonics yourself for "Shroom Tea"? How did you go about creating such a dense, rich, and soulful sonic experience?

The song was produced by Noeha Rose. Shroom Tea serves as a foundation point for the conversations surrounding experimenting with connecting to the divine, sensuality, pleasure, femininity, and experiencing softness and delicacy within my romantic experiences. I feel as a black woman, oftentimes that delicacy and softness are stripped away. I wanted to create something that holds space for me to feel dainty. The vocal arrangement of the song further articulates themes of softness. Through the utilization of syncopation, jazzy riffs, and lyrical imagery, I further explore themes of freedom and improvisation without a social script. On a deeper and more sensual level, it is radical freedom of speech when it comes to my desires and needs as a black woman navigating romance.

Do you often write such passionate and sensual lyrics within your songs, similar to "Shroom Tea"? Are alluring songs like this a staple for you?

This was my first time writing and releasing something this vulnerable and sensual outside of my song "Meet The Jeffersons". Generally, I like to infuse as much passion into my lyrics and storytelling. I feel that that is what connects people to the music. You can feel it when you listen. I think as I become more comfortable within my femininity, physical self, and balancing my love life with the other parts I will continue to explore similar themes. I don't know if I can say it will become a staple because I like to write about my life experiences and there is so much more going on that does not center around sensuality, allure, and pleasure.

How does "Shroom Tea" fit into the overall vibe and concept of your debut EP, 'Mr. Bleu'? How does the song enhance the EP's theme?

I think the lyrics to Shroom Tea effortlessly embodied some of the feelings of newness and softness that come with the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. The EP is like a time capsule for me. It holds all of the memories that I've accumulated from a past relationship. It starts with Shroom Tea when everything is new, fun, and exciting and slowly unravels to show how we eventually came apart by the end of the EP. Each song is a piece of the picture. It sonically personifies the many increments of time passing and how relationships shift once things are no longer new and fun all the time.

What's next for you?

For the next few months, I will help you see the story of Mr. Bleu for yourself through visuals and a few other surprises. I'm filming a couple of music videos for some of my favorites on the EP. I've also been working on a new project and a short film. You can expect lots of visuals, behind-the-scenes content, and new music. I'm excited though we're filming in Joshua Tree and I'm looking forward to taking a little road trip and creating art I believe in with my friends.


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