Ginny Luke Turns Heads In A Sultry New Music Video, "Seductive Cinderella"

Singer-songwriter, versatile recording artist and violinist Ginny Luke is blazing her way through the industry thanks to the powerhouse and badass music videos like her recent release, "Seductive Cinderella."

Ginny Luke's violin skills aren't the only aspect of her music career that's wildly intriguing; her vocals are truly unmatched. Ginny has proved that she's far more than a force to be reckoned with by touring with Meat Loaf at the age of 19 and trotting the globe with icons like Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, and The Foo Fighters. When delving into Luke's music, one thing to expect is that you'll be singing her catchy and bold tunes long after listening.

Starting a wildfire with her latest beaming, sultry, and fiery new music video, "Seductive Cinderella," viewers can catch Ginny Luke surrounded by candles in a seance-type scenario. While dressed in the sexiest black leather ensemble, she belts her powerful vocals to amplify the song's primal, animalistic, and seductive theme.

Hitting play on the music video for "Seductive Cinderella," we're met with groovy and haunting pop sonics alongside scenes of Luke surrounded by candles that light her face with a sensual and alluring glow. While she begins singing of taking someone to a faraway yet pleasureful place, we drop into the fiery and anthemic rock hook where Luke transitions into dark and foggy scenes that leave us gazing at her black leather corset.

Towards the video's end, we see a brilliant and exhilarating violin solo from Ginny Luke, who surprisingly turned the classic violin sound to resemble that of a distorted and crunchy electric guitar. While fueling our fire one last time on the hook, the video comes to a massive ending where she whips her hair, caresses her legs, and oozes the utmost sexual appeal.

We're genuinely thrilled with Ginny Luke's exciting and sultry new music video for "Seductive Cinderella," and we're delighted to bestow it onto our readers. Find the music video for "Seductive Cinderella" on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ginny Luke. We're truly getting down with the energy and power of your recent single and music video for "Seductive Cinderella." What inspired you to create such a sultry and empowering single like this?

Hi BuzzMusic, thank you! In writing "Seductive Cinderella", I was first describing how I tend to get revved up at midnight, which is another side of myself and a specific kind of energy that I use to command a stage. It's a feminine energy that pulls the listener in and then shocks them with something they have never experienced. The lyrics and musical style is expressive of my 'stage persona', and I ended up formulating these personality traits into the character of this "Seductive Cinderella" in the video. I was inspired by female rock icons with feminine and powerful allure, like Stevie Nicks, Dorothy, and Maria Brink.

Why did you choose to head down the ritualistic, witchy, and dark path for the "Seductive Cinderella" music video?

As I was writing the song I was researching powerful, femme-fatale Cinderella imagery and was inspired by the Brother's Grimm fairytale of "Cinderella", originally called "Aschenputtel", in which the character Cinderella is secretly a witch. I wanted to present the idea that women can be alluring and still have untapped power and control over their own destiny. I was also inspired by the femme-fatale witch character Angelique Bouchard from Tim Burton's film "Dark Shadows", and the three witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth. (The bridge lyrics are "Toil and trouble/fire and flames / feed the devil Crown Royale and dames" which is just a cheeky take on "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble" from Macbeth). The 'witch' iconography serves as a feminist symbol of a woman who can't be harnessed by society, has had to self-preserve, makes noise, and is as self-expressive as she wants to be.

Who helped you create the music video for "Seductive Cinderella"? What was your experience like on set?

I created the video with incredible cinematographers Harrison Sanborn and Austin Atencio, and makeup by Liz Lorenzo, hair by Sal Lorenzo. I shot one day on the beach with Austin (referencing the "Dark Shadows" look) and 1 day shooting all the witch imagery with Harrison directing, and it was one of the smoothest and most fun shoots I've ever done. I've probably done 10 music videos of my own work and 50 playing violin/singing for other artists, so it was a big priority to have FUN while shooting and stay creative, spontaneous, and open to ideas. I tried different takes being super understated and mysterious, then some take super over the top and rock n roll. I think the slow-motion action shadow shots were the perfect contrast to the up-close witchy-spell shots to give the viewer a multi-dimensional experience.

What do you hope the watcher takes away from your music video for "Seductive Cinderella"?

What impact do you want the video to have on your audience?

To let women be women, people be people, and be allowed to express themselves however they want; and as always in my music, to not confine the idea of the violin as a polite, soft instrument. I'm always trying to push the boundaries with what a violin 'represents' since so much of my life it represented keeping my mouth shut and being agreeable and sweet - now I use it as a tool of passion, aggression, and all these other colors too.

What's next for you?

I am currently recording a rock opera/concept album with producers Dave Darling and Kirk Pasich of record label Blue Elan/KZZ Music & Productions, as well as an album for the Alliance for Children's Rights. I will begin pre-production on my next record in January. I just wrapped a 5 city tour for Glenfiddich's launch of their new product Grand Couronne, performing with DJ Ruckus and Lauren Baba, and we may have some more shows in 2022. I have a sample pack of my electric violin & vocals coming out in January through as well! Super stoked about it - it's all of my unique violin effects and vocal stylings that are very "Ginny". And as always, taking time to enjoy life and feed my inner rock child.