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Giselle Is Passionate And Convincing In Her Latest Single, "Come to LA"

Los Angeles-based Giselle has had a solid affinity for music since birth. By the age of two, the now singer-songwriter and musician would purr along to any melody her ears would grasp, and her family found her trying to interact with any instrument in her path.

Constructing a path to her musical dreams, Giselle sings, writes, and plays the piano, guitar, drums, and violin. Yearning to create so she can express herself and connect with her audience; her unique voice and presence are ones you will remember for a while.

Making her passion a priority, Giselle delivers a breathtaking performance on this track, and it's worth diving into.

Through a series of elusive croons that float into your speakers with utter grace, Giselle's latest single, "Come to LA," has us swarmed in her heartfelt aura.

The slow to mid-tempo instrumentation dazzles in elegance as the minimalistic hues give this record a comforting ambiance that feels well thought out and intentional. In a realm of pop with alternative nuances, the grooves further entice you to tap your fingers and toes to the beat while focusing on the cognizant lyrical motifs that Giselle professes.

She takes the austerity laced throughout the poignant guitar strums and lively percussion to the next level as she lays her silky timbres down upon this therapeutic framework with words like, "Say you wanna be with me, but babe it could be so easy. Just come to LA, and maybe you'll stay." Allowing us to feel the emotion she sheds in every waking moment of "Come to LA," you grasp onto the care and passion she intends.

Listen to "Come to LA" on all streaming platforms and watch it become a new favorite.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Giselle! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Come to LA.” We love the power that you place into a record of this caliber, all while keeping your composed and genuine demeanor. What was your inspiration behind the creative approach?

Thanks so much, and thanks for having me here again! I'm so glad you like the song. To answer your question, this song came to me in a dream. There was no inspiration except for what I heard and saw in my dream. I know that sounds wild, but every part of this song that I hear is the exact thing I heard. In my dream, I was performing this song on a big stage. I woke up quickly, grabbed my phone, and sang it while I ran to my music room to get my notebook. I grabbed my guitar and recorded a rough demo of the song. That's the story behind it!

Do you often base your lyrics on lived experiences or fictitious ones?

My lyrics often stem from both. Some songs have lyrics that express a struggle I went through or something great that happened to me, while other songs contain lyrics that aren't my life experience but just fiction.

Taking a liking to music at such a young age, was there a particular moment that inspired you to pursue your dream of being a musician?

This was just always my dream. I wouldn't say there was an exact moment that led to it... it was just natural for me. But I had some performances as a young child in front of big crowds that solidified for me that this was what I was meant to do. Even at the age of 27 now. I still have those amazing moments.

What are you hoping that your listeners feel when taking in “Come to LA”?

I hope they feel happiness, a sense of adventure, and excitement and take away from this song whatever they feel suits them best. Yes, the song is constructed in a story of love, but the song can also symbolize taking that big leap in your life, pushing for your goals, and stopping waiting and just doing!

What’s next for you?

A lot! The music video for "Come to LA" will be out next month; I will release one more single and then a project that I've been working on for a while! I can't wait to share that. I will also be doing a cross-country tour in the Summer of 2024 and, hopefully, a small California tour in the summer of 2023.


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